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[08 Dec 2016|08:52pm]

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[07 Dec 2016|08:41pm]

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[05 Dec 2016|08:39pm]

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[04 Dec 2016|08:43pm]

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[02 Dec 2016|08:46pm]

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[01 Dec 2016|08:36pm]

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[29 Nov 2016|08:42pm]

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[28 Nov 2016|08:47pm]

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[28 Nov 2016|11:02am]

[v] | 1. | If a good friend of yours were to start using drugs, how would you approach the situation?
I don’t think that’s really my place.. Like, all my good friends and best friends are fully aware of the risks of taking drugs.. Now, if you’re referring to basically them using marijuana, I don’t give a shit.. That’s a pointless excuse of a drug, and I’m glad some states have regulated it. Just clearly means it’s not as bad as what they’ve made it out to be.. Uhh, but if we’re talking harder drugs, I’ve been in that position before.. As long as they aren’t ruining their lives, they’re still functioning members of society, working, paying their bills, I can’t really say anything.. It’s just not my place as an adult to tell another adult what to do. Dating on the other hand, if we were dating and you were doing hard drugs, bye.

| 2. | ^ Or, would it even be a big deal to you at all?
We’ve discussed this already.

| 3. | In YOUR eyes, which of the three is the most dangerous, and which is the least: Marijuana, Alcohol, Cigarettes?
For the love of Jesus. Alright. The last 2 are by far the most lethal.. I don’t care who you ask, no one has ever died of an overdose from marijuana, and no one has gotten lung cancer from smoking marijuana.. I’m not trying to advocate for it, maybe I am.. All I know is since I’ve been using the tinctures of the CBD oil, which is a non-psychoactive component of marijuana, I’ve been able to manage my pain and anxiety WAY better than any prescribed drug has ever done for me. Only problem is finding the strength that works without spending a shit ton of money.. Anyway, alcohol is horrible, smoking is horrible, marijuana is the least. Thanks.

| 4. | ^ Explain or elaborate on your decision?
Already did.

| 5. | ^ Have you had any personal experience with any of those items? If yes, elaborate?
-_- I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, my grandfather died from all the smoking he did.. That was tough, considering we knew he was fairly sick, but he wasn’t sick enough to just die.. Which is exactly what happened one night. He couldn’t breathe, and he died. Sad, life altering, scared and upset the shit outta me.. Alcohol, I’ve drank a handful of times, but my cousin was killed by a drunk driver, so again.. Even though it’s not something that directly affected my health, it affected my life because someone decided they wanted to drink and drive. Marijuana, alright. I’ve tried it, used to use it not ‘regularly’ but maybe once every few weeks or months. I haven’t touched it since I had a really bad bout of bronchitis, which wasn’t from smoking, but it wasn’t going to help the situation considering my lungs are already compromised. I didn’t use it to get high, I used it to take the edge off the pain, and to kill the anxiety. It worked, that’s all there is to it. I haven’t used it in a long time.

| 6. | When are you likely to be condescending?
Mhh.. For me to be condescending, I just need someone to set it off.. If someone wants to start being snarky and condescending first, I’ll gladly jump on that bandwagon. I can be a real bitch when someone decides to even slightly aggravate me like that.

| 7. | How do you treat people that you feel are somehow “ lower ” than you?
..Why would I think anyone is lower than me..? We’re all built the same way.. I really don’t like this question.

| 8. | How does someone’s drinking or drug-use affect how you see him or her? If it’s in moderation, is it a different feeling than if it was an all-out abuse of the drug?
Ugh.. Alright. Drinking in moderation, I don’t really care. Steven turned into an alcoholic, and that’s where most of our problems stemmed from. It wasn’t a drink every now and then, it was a case of whatever he bought every single night, and then he chased it with liquor. I can’t deal with that shit, because it affects mentally how you perceive things, and he went downhill on that one.. Drugs, same shit. If you want to pop pills, that’s on you. If you want to snort coke, again, that’s all on you. I can’t really say ‘do that in moderation’ because all of that is extremely harmful to one’s body, but.. I don’t know where I was going with this..

| 9. | Do you have a favorite color/flavor of popsicle? Which?
I don’t really eat popsicles..

| 10. | Do you ever click on the Xanga Plugz sites? Have you encountered a cool one, or just a bunch of lame ones?
And considering that Xanga hasn’t existed in a few years, I don’t really remember what this exactly would have been.

| 11. | Would you ever Plug yourself?
I don’t know what plugging myself entails.. Let’s just say no.. I don’t conduct electricity, and I’m fairly sure I couldn’t charge my phone if I ‘plugged myself’ so..

| 12. | Do you use your Xanga pulse? If yes, what was the last pulse that you sent out?
I don’t remember using pulses..

| 13. | In your opinion, does Atheism count as a religion? Why, or why not?
Ah, tough one.. Well, I guess it’s not really tough.. I mean, if you consider yourself an atheist, which essentially not believing any religion.. I guess it all just depends.. I really don’t know if I’d consider atheism a religion, although when you sign up for sites online, they have an option for Atheist as a religion..

| 14. | Do you support the idea of anarchy?
Not really. You need some sort of structure, no matter how fucked up ours may seem lately.. Anarchy would just make things 10000 times worse.. I could be wrong in that statement, but if all we did was just adjust the issues we currently have in our government, we’d be fine. Not gunna happen, but the other possibility isn’t even an option.

| 15. | I’ve seen a lot of people express that survey-takers must have no lives; do you agree, or do you have a different opinion?
I don’t know who you’re talking to that expresses that.. I haven’t seen anyone throw any shade at people who take surveys since the Myspace days.. I have a moderately busy life, but since leaving that other job and having some time before school starts, I’m taking some me time, and do surveys more often. I don’t have much to do today, so I’ll probably take a lot more.. But to say that people who take surveys have no lives? Get outta here.

| 16. | What do you think it means not to have a life? Do consider youself as having a life?
I don’t really feel like delving into this topic.

| 17. | Do you know anyone who is letting his or her life just slip away?
I guess, but that’s not my problem.

| 18. | Have you ever wasted a big portion of your life on something that turned out to be hurtful / a setback / etc?
Something or someone..? I guess the relationship I was in set me back a little bit. Not really set me back, but it hurt to realize all we were doing was wasting time.. He doesn’t care enough about me to compromise or give me what I need in a relationship, it’s all about Steven. So therefore, he’s gone. But honestly, if you think about it, he helped me realize a lot of things that I do and don’t tolerate in a relationship, and if we hadn’t been dating, I probably wouldn’t have ended up in this relationship I’m in now, with someone who supports me and wants to help me grow as a person.. I’m not one to say ‘everything happens for a reason’ usually, but.. I guess this kind of happened in a good way..

| 19. | When was the last time that you felt panicked?
I literally always feel panicked.. Last night wasn’t as bad as it usually is, but I took my anxiety meds before it got any worse, so I stopped that one.. I hate feeling like I’m always about to freak out about something.. I need to get that under control.

| 20. | Have you ever wondered / planned about what you would do if you were in a hostage situation?
I may have thought about it while watching it happen on Svu or something crazy like that, but.. Honestly, you really just never know until you’re IN that situation, you know? Knowing me, the anxiety would kick in, and I’d have the biggest panic attack in history.

| 21. | What is the nerdiest thing that you own?
Uhhhh, I really don’t know..

| 22. | What is the preppiest thing that you own?
Preppy stuff stopped being a thing when middle school was over.

| 23. | What is the most religious thing that you own?
A bible..?

| 24. | What is the most anti-religous thing that you own?
I don’t know.. Cosmos is on my Netflix.. Neil Tyson DeGrasse is pretty set against thinking there’s a God, so.. I guess that’s where we’re going to go with this answer..

| 25. | How much of the Bible have you read? Do/Did you take everything in it literally?
I read a good portion of it when I was younger and extremely involved in my church.. But the church I went to wasn’t a judgmental money pit like the ones I’ve encountered down here.. and any time I had my own theories or beliefs, I would be able to sit down with my pastor or his assistant and talk to them about it, and not one time did either of them tell me that I was wrong. Not once. That’s how religion should work..

| 26. | What is a topic that makes you uncomfortable?
Uhhh, I don’t know. I’m sure there are a few topics I really wouldn’t bother with, but I can’t think of one right now.

| 27. | What do you think of the population of teenagers that considers college to be a waste of their time?
Have you seen the amount of people that have received college education/degrees and can’t get work in their field of study? I did the same thing. I got education from one school, couldn’t find work.. It’s all about finding a trade nowadays.. I mean, I was lucky enough to land a really good job doing medical coding audits and what have you, but this took me forever. And it was really out of luck, for the most part. Learning a set skill that you love is much more important than taking classes like ‘Western Civilization’ if you’re going into the medical field. Like, what the fuck would I have done with that knowledge? “Nurse! This patient is going to have a heart attack unless you can tell us what year the Bizantine Empire came crashing down!” Get outta my face..

| 28. | Do you consider your education to be a waste of your time?
I’m being smart about it.. I did the college thing, I learned quickly that wasn’t going to be my best option but I did it anyway.. I’m actually going back to school for my certifications that will get me into a hospital, get me working, and make me happy. Education isn’t a waste of time, it’s just how you go about doing it.

| 29. | If you could live any way that you wished, what kind of lifestyle would you wish to have?
I’m not even sure I know where I’d like to live, but I do want to enjoy my life.. I don’t have to spend a shit ton of money on material things. I want to travel, see the world, that’s the life I want.

| 30. | ^ Would that lifestyle include keeping your current friends / family in the picture?
Of course it would.. I don’t see how it wouldn’t..

| 31. | Have you ever wished you could just start your life all over again, from day one?
Meh.. Not really. There are tons of things that went right, plenty that went wrong.. I don’t want to start over, I don’t know where I’d be, and I’m actually pretty content right now..

| 32. | ^ If something happened to cause you to return to the beginning of your life, what would you want to do differently?
:l I don’t even know.. I really don’t.

| 33. | If you are popular, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have no friends? What do you think it might be like?
I don’t want to be popular.. But I keep a very small group of people close to me. That’s all I need.

| 34. | If you are a loner, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be popular? What do you think it might be like?
We’ve been over this already.

| 35. | What is one unhealthy thing that you knowingly do to or put into your body?

| 36. | Every tattoo has a story behind it; if you have any, what are the stories behind yours?
I don’t have any tattoos.

| 37. | Who do you know that has a particularly funny or annoying laugh?
Uhh, I can’t think of anyone in particular..

| 38. | Is there anything you do that is annoying to your friends or family?
Entirely possible.

| 39. | What is the most number of sodas that you have eaten in one day?
Wait.. I’m not even going to correct this.. Let’s just keep going.

| 40. | Have you ever gone through a period of mass weight-gain / weight-loss? What was that time like for you?
Ugh.. 2011 was a bitch. Like, I had a brain tumor, so they put me on these steroids for fucking 5 months or so, and it made me gain about 50 to 70 lbs in such a short amount of time.. It fucking sucked.. It took me literally forever for my body to go back to normal, and I’m still fighting with the image thing.. I don’t think I’m fat, but going through a good portion of time where I looked in the mirror and literally looked like a balloon, sometimes I think I look that way still.. It’s all in my head.. Ha.. Get it? Like a BRAIN TUMOR, fuck.. Anyway.. That’s how that went. I’m good now.

| 41. | What’s one incident that has majorly affected your self-esteem? Was it for better, or for worse?
We talked about this already.

| 42. | When was the last time you subscribed to another person’s Xanga site?
Xanga’s not a thing anymore..

| 43. | Is the number of subscribers you have important to you?
When Xanga was around, it was alright.

| 44. | Is there a goal you would like to reach, or a certain number of surveys that you would like to fill out before a certain time?

| 45. | During what time of day do you spend the most time on the computer?
I don’t have a particular time frame or anything..

| 46. | ^ How many hours a day do you think is just entirely too many?

| 47. | Do you know of anyone that has never been on the internet?
George Washington never used the internet..

| 48. | If you have one, do you and your significant other have a similar taste in music?
Ahh, we have some similar tastes.. He’s not too much into the Hip Hop thing, but I have tons of Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, bands like that on my Spotify.. So there’s that.

| 49. | What is one thing you and your friends have bonded over?

| 50. | Do you have a close bond with your sibling(s)? Was it always this way, or has it been better/worse?
We’re fairly close, I suppose.
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[27 Nov 2016|11:39pm]

[v]Have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with someone of the opposite sex without anything steamy happening?
::Gasp:: You mean.. It’s possible for a guy and a girl to NOT have sex!? Shocker! .. To answer the question, yes. I’ve slept in the same room with a guy before without anything happening.

Do you masturbate to porn, and if so, what is your favorite genre?
Lmfao.. Get outta my face with porn. It honestly sickens me, and the rest of it is fucking hilarious. There’s a post on Tumblr about the beginning of a legit porn, and let me tell you. It is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Describe your job.
I figure out why medical claims aren’t paid, fix them, send them back to the hospitals.. Uhh, I audit a handful of coders to make sure that they’re properly handling accounts.. All from home.. So.. I guess that’s all there is to my job.. It’s not exciting by any means..

What are you hungry for?
I’m really not hungry for anything.

What’s your favorite color?
Blue or pink.

What is the oddest thing you have in your bedroom that someone would be surprised to find. Why is it there?
I don’t think there’s anything super weird in my room..

Have you ever broken a bed or other furniture during sex?

What do you sleep in?
My bed.. Normally a t shirt, if it’s cold I’ll wear sweatpants or something.

Would you play naked twister?
I have no interest on playing twister, let alone playing it naked.

What’s more important length or width? Why?
Jeez, you know, as much as you didn’t even say what you were referring to, it’s obvious. I could read you the legit reason why size doesn’t matter, based off of scientific studies and what not, but I’m really not interested.. It really doesn’t matter.

You have been invited to a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion, do you accept? What do you wear?
:l I’m not going. First of all, I don’t like being in lingerie in front of absolute strangers.. Second, it’s THE PLAYBOY MANSION. I have NO interest on being ANYWHERE near that place..

What is the longest period of time that you’ve gone without a shower?
Ugh.. So, I was in the hospital for like, 3 weeks when my lung collapsed.. And thanks to having this fancy little chest tube, they wouldn’t let me take a shower.. It was hard enough moving around the room with that damn thing, I couldn’t even really reach anything that wasn’t right next to the bed for the most part.. I managed, but I had to do this whole.. Sink shower kind of thing. I washed my hair in the sink, I scrubbed up in the sink.. I couldn’t just NOT shower.. I changed every single day.. That’s the one thing they did let me do. They did let me throw some yoga pants on and what not. I didn’t have to run around in that hospital gown most of the time.

If you had a penis for a day, what would you do with it?
Helicopter dick.

Haagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s?
Doesn’t matter, they’re both pretty good.

What is always in your refrigerator?
Uhhh, milk, eggs.

What’s your favorite cookie?
I don’t have a favorite cookie.

What is your favorite type of weather?
I prefer the warmer weather.. I like thunderstorms, too.

Describe your fighting style: drunken master or angry monkey?
Uhh.. No..?

Spontaneity or stability?
A mixture of the two.

Which do you prefer giving or receiving?
Don’t start this.

Do you fuck outside the box?
What in the fuck is this even supposed to mean?

What is your favorite word?
I don’t have one.

Who do you live with?

Do you excercise regularly? If so, how often?
I get some form of exercise fairly regularly. Most of the time, it’s walking.

Any piercings? If yes, how many and where are they?
My ears, 5 times.

Do you have tattoos? If yes, how many and where are they?
I have no tattoos.

Do you like to dance?
Yeah, whatev.

Ever been skinny dipping?
Absolutely not.

Do you drink? If yes, how often?
I do not.

When it comes to swinging or partner swapping, which would excite you more, watching or being watched?
Fuck this. Neither would be exciting. Let me put this into perspective for you If anyone’s played the Sims before.. Basically, when you see your ‘partner’ flirting with another Sim, the jealousy rages and a fight emerges.. That’s me. Don’t fuck with me on this one. If anyone tried to flirt or ‘swing’ with my boyfriend, I’d literally end them.

Do you smoke? If yes, how much?

When you die, would you rather be buried or cremated?
Don’t do this.

Have you been told you can sing well more than once?

Three physical features you get complimented on a lot?
Eyes, hair, nails.

List ONE word to describe your last sexual encounter.

Current friend that you have known the longest?
That’s a tough one.. Josh, James. Either one.

Name someone you can tell just about anything to?
I can tell anything to my best friends. James knows literally everything about me, my boyfriend is getting to that point.. He knows a lot..

Do you like dancing, traveling, and / or giving head?
Bahaha.. How is this even a question? I like dancing, I like traveling, I like how you threw a really random option in there.. “One of these things is not like the other.” Oh jeez.
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[27 Nov 2016|10:10am]

Do you own anything with a touch-screen?
I own a few things.. Like, my phone, tablet. I don’t really use anything other than my phone, though.

Have you ever been come up to by a model scout?
A long time ago. Like, I had to have been 14, 15. Pass.

Would you cry if you found out you were pregnant?
Considering there’s absolutely no way for that to happen, I’d probably start laughing first, and then try and figure out why and how this all happened.

When is the next time you’re traveling out of state?
::Shrugs:: I live right on the border of SC and NC, it honestly could be today, If I decide to go shopping or go watch the game somewhere.

Is your city prone to natural disasters?
Nope. The little “city” that I live in basically has a bubble around it for natural disasters.. Like, when we get storms, if there are tornado warnings, we won’t even get the littlest bit of rain 90% of the time. I’m talking the severe stuff.. Sometimes you just want a good storm.. But no, we don’t get anything terrible out here.

Who in your family do you tell the most to?
Probably my sister or my mother.

Do you use Pandora?
Mhh, rarely, but yes.

Will you have a Valentine this year?
That’s still about 2 months away. But I don’t plan on breaking up with him any time soon, if at all, honestly. We should be together on Valentine’s Day.

Last time you used mouthwash?

How many entry ways are there into your living room?
Uhh.. Well, technically, 3. Wait. 4. We have the front door, the garage door, the back door, and then my parent’s have a back door in their room that leads into the house.. So basically, that’s 4.

Do you ever drink milk & Pepsi?
That sounds disgusting.

Can you write your name in a foreign language?

Would you rather get a new brother or sister?
I’m good.. My parents can’t have any more children, and the 3 of us are more than enough.

What did you have for breakfast?
I haven’t been up that long, and still haven’t ventured to have any breakfast or anything.

Do you like maxidresses?
They’re okay.. I have a few, but I really don’t wear them.

What was the last kind of sauce you had?
Uhh. Cranberry sauce..

Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow?
I don’t even know what I’m going to do tomorrow, let alone wear..

When you’re getting ready for something, do you listen to music?

Do you own any skinny jeans?
I own tons of skinny jeans.

What do you do with clothes you’ve outgrown or don’t want anymore?
I see if my sister wants them first, since she likes to take all my good clothes.. -_- But if she doesn’t want them, they get given away.

Do you leave the curtains/blinds closed or open while you sleep?
I have a sheet up and it’s closed.

Last time you purchased alcohol what did you buy?
Uhh.. I don’t know, do you know how often it is that I buy any kind of alcohol..? Almost never. The last time might have been for the party I bartended for, but even then, I didn’t really drink.. Err, I think it was.. Some sort of whipped cream vodka, and a bottle of hazelnut liquer..

Where do most kids go to chill in the town that you live in?

Who has the prettiest toes that you know of?
Me, considering I just got a pedicure not long ago.. I hate feet, anyway..

Is there any food in your bedroom? What?

Do you know anyone who has road rage? Who?

Is there a bulletin board in your room?
Not a bulletin board, no. I have a calendar white board in my room, that I haven’t used in.. I don’t know how long..

What’s the best date movie?
I don’t do movies, so I don’t know.

How many pairs of jeans, all together, are in your house?

Would you rather name your daughter Andrea or Eva?
Oh.. Uhh. I don’t know.. They’re both nice sounding, but I really don’t know. They were never thoughts.

Do you know anyone who has security cameras in their house?
I’m sure I know people that do, but I can’t think of anyone.
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[26 Nov 2016|08:43pm]

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[26 Nov 2016|05:47pm]

[v]1. Have you ever been to a country club? What outfit did you wear if you’ve gone to one?
I can’t recall ever being to a country club..

2. If you were able to afford taking a class during the summer on anything you’d like to, what class would you take?
::Shrugs:: I can’t think of just one specific class that I’d want to go take..

3. Is your favorite animal shown a lot in movies or TV shows?
There isn’t one.

4. Is there sales tax where you live? How much sales tax is there?
::Shrugs:: I honestly really don’t know what the sales tax percentage is here..

5. What is your favorite scent for shampoo? How about body wash?
No favorites, I just buy whatever smells good at the time.

6. Have you ever been to a grand opening of something? What was it for, why did you go, & did you get anything special?
A few things. My dad’s store whenever he owned it, uhh.. A few other stores. Didn’t really get anything special, no. Just fun to go and hang out.

7. What type of shirts do you most commonly wear?
I like to wear dress blouses, uhh.. I just bought a few poncho dress shirts that look really good.. T shirts, whatev.

d8. Have you looked through the PennySaver before for jobs? How about just for items or garage sales coming up?
Nope, I don’t even think they have any jobs in our pennysavers here. They might, I don’t know..

9. Name a funny lyric that you either heard recently or like.
No thanks.

10. When’s the next time you’ll be seeing a doctor? A dentist?
I have an appointment on the 6th to see one of my doctors, s’bout it.

11. How often do you read something wrong (like someone said special but you see it as specific)?
Uhh I don’t know..?

12. Are you, did you, or would you participate in Bike to Work Day (May 18th)?
Literally would make no difference, considering I work from home, so.. If I biked to work, it would bet me nowhere.

13. What was the last thing were mistaken about?

14. Has someone asked you or said something recently that made you want to bang your head against the wall?
Mhh, that happens from time to time, sure.

15. Do you ever just sit & people watch, giving them each a psychological diagnosis? Or do you do that with TV shows or movies?
I people watch, sure. . I’m not a psychologist, how do you expect me to give someone an actual diagnosis..? It would make literally no sense for me to do that.

16. What kind of party would you have wanted or do want for your sixteenth birthday?
I’m way past that..

17. Is there a certain food that normally doesn’t make you sick but a certain company/brand does? How about a food that normally makes you sick but a certain company/brand doesn’t?
I can’t think of any specific brand that makes me sick, no..

18. What was the last organic food that you ate? Do you normally eat this food in the organic version?

19. Where is your favorite musical artist from? Or if you don’t have a favorite, where is the last musical artist you listened to from?
I don’t have a favorite, and I don’t know where Tgya is from, so..

20. Tell me any random fact about you, your day, or anything.
Random fact of the day: I’m really tired, and will probably play the Sims tonight until I fall asleep.. And I’m probably going to buy a few expansions, depending on how expensive they are..
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[25 Nov 2016|08:59pm]

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[25 Nov 2016|05:55pm]

[v]01. How often do you walk around barefoot?
Most of the time, just around the house.

02. When you eat take-out, do you just eat it out of the containers provided?
Mhmm. There’s no sense in dirtying a plate.

03. How do you prefer to travel? Plane, train, driving?
I prefer to drive.. I like being on control of my adventure.. Trains and planes are out of my control, and I don’t like heights anyway. Planes are usually my last resort, but of course.. Some places you have to travel by plane, so.

04. Would you need to sleep with someone before considering marrying them?
I wouldn’t NEED to.. But I would because I wanted to.

05. How often do you make your bed?
Mhh, not too often.

07. Do you carry condoms?
I do not.

08. Would you date someone who has a hearing aid?
If I had a connection with someone who happened to have a hearing aid, sure. That matters zero percent.

09. If you were to be stuck on a deserted tropical island, how big would you like the island to be?
I mean.. I’d like for it to be a decent enough size that someone sees it, you know?

10. How organized are the files on your computer?
I have most things fairly organized.

11. Have you ever been to a strip club?
Unfortunately.. My ex dragged me to one when I first got off the plane in TX, and it was the fucking worst.

12. Have you ever brought home a stray animal?
Uhh, I don’t think so.

13. Did you have a childhood hero? Were they real or fictional?

14. If you are put on hold and the music playing is a song you know, do you sing along?
Not all the time.

15. Are you physically strong?
Mhh, I’d like to think I’m somewhat strong.

16. Would you date someone with braces?
It’s not a deal breaker, but I haven’t up to this point. Don’t see that being a thing, either.

17. Does scuba diving interest you?
I’d prefer not to.

18. Would you ever ask your parents for relationship advice?
If I needed advice, I might. But I rarely ask anyone for any kind of advice, so..

19. Do you think people look up to you?
It’s possible.

20. How often do you have trouble sleeping at night?
Almost every single night, and I don’t know what the problem is..

21. Can you drive a manual transmission?
I can’t. I want to learn, though.

22. Have you ever re-gifted a gift you didn’t care for?
I don’t think so.

23. Do you ever rehearse conversations before you have them?
Who doesn’t?

24. You notice someone staring intently at you, what do you do?
Stare back.. What do you want?

25. Do you blush easily?
Ugh, yes.

26. Do you get angry at yourself or at others more often?
Mhh.. I don’t know, that’s a pretty tough call.

27. Can you name five current world leaders?
Yeah, not that difficult.

28. When taking a cab, do you talk to the driver?
I try to make small talk, at least..

29. Do you like word games like Scrabble or Boggle?
Not those kinds of word games, no..

30. Would you consider dating a psychiatrist or psychologist?
If I was attracted to one, but I don’t know. I’d probably assume they were always trying to figure me out, pick apart every small thing I did or said.. It’s not that serious, so.. If if he could separate our relationship and his profession, we would be fine.
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[24 Nov 2016|09:41pm]

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[24 Nov 2016|09:37pm]

[V]Do you have respect for people’s abilities even if you don’t like them?
Yeah, I can appreciate someone’s abilities and talents. Even if I’m not a huge fan of them as a person, you can’t take their strengths away.

When was the last time you laughed when you shouldn’t have?
Uhh, I don’t know. I laugh all the time, really.

What’s one fruit you love in drinks?
I don’t have a specific fruit I love in drinks. I don’t really like fruit or things in my drinks.

Have you ever drank from a real coconut?
Mhh, maybe..?

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If you could get new sneakers right now, you’d get what?
I don’t want to get new sneakers. I don’t really need new shoes right now.

What place is the opposite of where you are right now?

Cupcake or brownie?
Err, whatev.

When was the last time you laughed with someone?
Earlier. We all were laughing as a family.

How long ago did you feel genuine love towards someone?
Not too long ago.. Right now would be accurate.

How long ago did you lust for someone?
I don’t know.. I haven’t lusted for someone in quite a while. This is much more than ‘lust’ really.. Like, I have a genuine connection, have true feelings for him..

Have you always lived in the state you’re in?
I have not. I lived in New York most of my life, and we moved here when I was 16.. I moved to Texas for about a year, but moved back here.. I didn’t really care for it out there..

Have you ever been somewhere you believed was perfect?
Nowhere is really perfect, but there have been some really incredible places that I’ve traveled to.

What is something simple that you’re afraid of?
I don’t know that I fear things that are too simple.. At least, the things that I’m afraid of have a bit of complexity to them in my mind.

If you were a singer, where would you love to sing?
On a stage..? Doesn’t that just make sense, though?

What was the most people you ever tripped in front of?

Have you ever tried wine?
Yeah, I went to a vineyard a few months back with some friends.. We tried a whole bunch of different kinds of wine, had a wine slushie, it was an interesting experience.

Have you ever seen anything give birth?

What type of bag is your favorite?
I don’t have a favorite kind of bag.

What air freshener scent would you like best?
Don’t have a favorite.

Have you ever bought curtains?
I have before, sure.

How important are material things to you?
They’re not the most important things.

Have you ever doubted the government?
Oh don’t even start me on this one.

If a sock has holes, do you automatically throw them out?
Mhh, not right away, but they do get thrown out.

How high do you put the volume on headphones?
I don’t frequently use my headphones much anymore.

What do you do when you feel heartbroken?
Try to keep my mind off things, distance myself from the good thoughts and good times we had together.

Can heartbreak happen all at once, or over a long period of time?
It can be either, or both.

What music is your favorite at parties?
Doesn’t matter.

What do you think should be legalized?
A lot of things..

What do you think should be illegal?
Also, a lot of things.

What country would you love to visit?
Oh there are so many places.. I’d like to start with Europe.. I want to go to Italy, Spain, France.. Germany would be cool.. I also want to go to England.

In your life, do you plan on visiting other countries?
We’ll see, that would involve me getting on an airplane and being on this plane for hours.. I already don’t like flying as it is..

Isn’t it weird that the moon and sun are the same everywhere?
I don’t know why that would be weird..

What’s one way you’ve been healthy this week?
I drank some water..

What’s one way you should’ve been healthy this week?
I should’ve drank MORE water..

What’s one song you’d have to sing along with if it came on the radio?
::Shrugs:: There’s not just one song I have to sing along to.. There are plenty of songs..

What’s one thing you must do this week?
Uhh, the week is basically over.. I got paid from my old employer today, for my last check.. I got paid from my current remote job, too.. So before the week is completely over, I could probably get some Christmas shopping done.. I bought part of my boyfriend’s present, only because I saw it and knew he’d fall in love with it.. So I got it.. I need to finish his present so that way he’s at least done.. Then focus on the family..

What’s one thing you need to buy this month?
A whole bunch of Christmas presents..

Who’s one person you’d like to see this month?
This month..? I don’t know.. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather see except my boyfriend..

Have you ever had the opportunity to go skinny dipping?
Plenty of times, but I’m not interested.

Have you ever popped a balloon with your bare hands?
Uhh, I don’t think so.

Have you ever accidentally flashed someone?

What’s one fond memory you have from your childhood experiences outside?
Tons of memories.

What was one thing you always loved at parks when you were little?
Ahh, the swings.

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[24 Nov 2016|08:38pm]

[V]1. Think back to the last time (or a time) when you were in a fight with someone and just blurted out exactly what was on your mind. Did you somewhat regret saying what you said? What happened?:
Ehh, that’s the thing.. I have this weird habit of thinking before I speak in an argument, and trying to understand why the other person feels the way that they do.. It fucking sucks, because even if I know I should be pissed off, I somehow wind up thinking about the other person’s feelings and all that bullshit, watching what I say..

2. Towards the end of your last relationship, how did you know it was over? How did you and your significant other change towards eachother? (ex. not calling each other babe, baby, etc.):
It was just obvious. He was avoiding talking about serious issues, I didn’t seem to matter anymore.. So I stopped telling him important things, stopped talking to him about things that were bothering me since they clearly didn’t matter, and stopped calling him/texting him.. I don’t care, we don’t need to be together. If it hasn’t worked after 5 years, it’s not going to.

3. Have you ever had a significant other NOT believe you when you said “i love you” to them? Why was that? How did you react?:
I don’t think so, but hey, anything’s possible.

4. When was the last time you had a hard time telling someone exactly how you felt? Did they understand where you were coming from?:
::Shrugs:: I Haven’t had this problem in quite a while.

5. Do opposites really attract? Have you ever experienced this? Explain:
I do believe opposites attract, and I’ve been in relationships where we were extremely different. This one’s not like that, though.

6. Has anyone close to you ever drifted away because they started hanging out with a new crowd? Did you try talking to them about it? What eventually happened?:
Ever, yes. It doesn’t matter. She knows it bothers me, and it doesn’t really seem to bug her at all, so I’m not going to stress over it.

7. Have you ever found yourself heading on the wrong path? What happened?:
Not that I can think of.

8. When did you last not feel accepted? Why did you feel that way?:
I don’t know.

9. When did you last turn to drinking to ‘escape’ from your problems? What caused you to do that?:
The only time that’s ever happened was when I was dating Jacob, and I was bartending. His mental and emotional abuse led me to try drinking as an escape, but it only really made it a thousand times worse.

10. Has anyone had to take your drink from you because you were drink too much? How did you react?:
Nope. I know what my limits were when I was out with friends, but like I said, I’m really not a drinker.. The couple of times that I was out drinking with friends, that was ages ago.. And I never passed a limit where they had to cut me off.

11. What’s your opinion on the world relying on technology too much and not paying enough attention to natural resources?:
Mhh, I don’t really have an opinion..

12. Have you ever felt like it was just pointless to cry? Did you hold yourself back from crying or did you let it out?:
Mhh, I had a few days last month where it seemed like all I wanted to do was get really emotional and almost cry, but that didn’t happen.. It wasn’t because it was pointless, it was because I was really trying to avoid feeling things and dealing with things. It wasn’t a bad thing, just an overwhelming feeling and being overwhelmed with emotions.

13. “Words of wisdom all around but no one ever seems to listen.” What’s your opinion on this?:
There isn’t one. That’s not really a quote that I care for.

14. Do you prefer the city or country more? Why?:
I really prefer the city more.. Or at least, I like living on the outskirts of a big city, not the country.. There’s just more to do, I’m more of a city girl.. Country life never appealed to me.

15. Have you ever felt like something was so horrible that you just wanted it to be a dream? What was it?:
That’s happened a few times. Err, last time was my grandfather passing away, but let’s just keep it moving..

16. Have you ever had a love/hate relationship with someone? Tell me about it:
Mhh, probably.

17. When did you last turn to God with a problem? What was it? Did it help talking to him?:

18. Has your pride ever gotten in the way of admitting that you felt weak or were in pain? How so?:
Of course it has. I’m way too proud most of the time to admit that I Need anything.

19. Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurt? What was it?:
Mhh, probably not to that extent.

20. Who’s lies had affected you the most?:
Does it really matter? Anyone that lies to me has affected me in some fashion, even if it’s just to really piss me off. But it doesn’t last long, considering I kick those people out of my life.. Ain’t nobody got time..
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