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Do you think Justin Bieber is a virgin?

What’s the earliest time of day you’ve drank alcohol?
Like noon.

How do/would you feel when you make a survey and not many people take it?

Do you enjoy listening to dance/club music?

Would you be embarrassed if someone was to look at your internet history?

Why do you think so many footballers have affairs?
A lot of people have affairs, not just athletes.

Any tips to get more followers on Tumblr?
Tumblr isn't about having a billion followers. Maybe if you'd start posting things you actually give a shit about, more people like you would follow.

Have you heard of Google Plus? If so, what do you think?
Yes. And I don't even know what it is. I don't care.

What’s the biggest waterfall you’ve ever seen?
Never been to a waterfall.

Would you ever get a Brazilian or Hollywood wax or do you think it’s a bit unnecessary?
I can wax myself, thanks. There's something rather uncomfortable to me about going and getting something like that done.

Which famous landmarks would you like to visit before you die?
Stonehenge, Easter Island, etc etc.

If someone you know was to walk in on you naked, which part of your body would you be most embarrassed about them seeing?
My stomach, since I'm self conscious about my weight.

Is there anything in the news at the moment that you’re fed up of hearing about?
Fucking Casey Anthony.

What time of year do you turn you central heating on and off?
Turn it off in the fall, turn it on in the summer.

Do you worry about your pubic hair being visible when wearing a bikini?
I wear a single piece, but either way, I get rid of pubic hair, so that's not an issue.


What's the latest time you've woken up in the past seven days?

How often do you pull all-nighters? Are they for work-related purposes or just for fun?
Almost every night. They're usually just for shits and giggles.

When you need to stay awake, do you drink caffeine or do you just struggle through it?
Just struggle through it.

What ingredients would go into your ideal sandwich?
Depends on my mood.

When you're in a relationship, how often do you like to talk to/see your significant other?
It's been different each time.

What are some bands or artists that you've been listening to a lot recently?
AC/DC, Queen, Foo Fighters.

When the weather is humid or warmer than normal, do you find it hard to get to sleep?
Ugh yes. Last night was a good example.

Are both of your parents in full-time work? What do they do?
My dad works full time as a maintenance guy for companies, my mom works part time at a dry cleaner.

When you spot something you want to buy, but can't really afford it, do you just buy it anyway?
Uh no. That's how people fall into debt.

Do you have a TV in your room?

Which meal of the day is your favourite to eat in a restaurant?
I don't really know.

On average, how often do you speak to your best friends?
At least once a day.

Is your room clean or messy?
It's tidy at the moment.

How often would you say you play on some kind of games console?

What time does everyone else in your household tend to go to sleep?
Ten or eleven. My times vary.

When you have time completely to yourself over the summer, what do you tend to get up to?
Write, draw, internet, take walks, go out with people.

Is your family planning any vacations for the near future? Where are you going to be going?
We just came home from one.

Would you ever adopt an animal at the zoo? Which animal would you pick?
I would never attempt to keep a wild animal. That's ridiculously dangerous.

If you drive, do you remember your first experience behind the wheel of a car?
I don't drive regularly, but I have driven. I was paranoid and made horrible turns.

How long does it take for you to get to the nearest shopping mall?
About twenty minutes.

Do you feel like your day is wasted if you sleep too late?

Have your parents ever thought something was going on between you and another friend, when it wasn't?
Not that I know of.

Do you have any interest in tennis? If so, who's your favourite player? If not, what's your favourite summer sport?
I have no interest in the players, but I think it'd be fun to play if I like, owned the equipment to do it.

When's the last time you baked something from scratch?
Like never.

Do you eat takeaway or fast food on a regular basis? What's your favourite thing to get?

"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time" - would you agree?
Yes. I've used that quote several times.


THREE books you read last.

1. Good Omens

2. The God Machine (Graphic novel but whatever)

3. American Gods

THREE things you bought last.

1. Pen nibs for tablet pen

2. Alcohol

3. Food

THREE of your favorite bands.

1. Pink Floyd

2. The Killers

3. The Beatles

THREE websites you visit the most.

1. Tumblr

2. Livejournal

3. Facebook

THREE places you go regularly.

1. I don't have three places I go regularly.



THREE careers you'd consider.

1. Concept artist

2. Author

3. Journalist

THREE items in your make-up bag.

1. Liquid eyeliner

2. Foundation

3. Nail polish

THREE items in your car.

1. i don't have a car



THREE towns around your town.

1. Youngstown

2. Austintown

3. Niles

THREE pets you've had.

1. Cat

2. Dog

3. Doves

THREE hair colors you've had.

1. White

2. Blue

3. Purple

THREE of your favorite teachers from high school.

1. Mr. Naples

2. Mr. Libert

3. Mr. Paolone

THREE piercings you have (or want).

1. N/A



THREE tattoos you have (or want).

1. I have the wonky moon and stars from the old Late Night With Conan O'Brien logo on the back of my neck.

2. I want "There were angels dining at the RItz, and a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square" with a small halo above it and a small infinity-symbol shaped snake below it on one of my forearms.

3. I want the TARDIS on my left shoulder blade.

THREE pairs of shoes you own.

1. Red Chuck Taylors

2. Black Etnies

3. Black boots whose brand name I don't know but it has an "N" in a heart on the bottom of the sole.

THREE of your favorite shirts.

1. John Lennon shirt

2. Wikileaks tyopgraphical shirt

3. Doctor Who shirt

THREE favorite stores to shop at.

1. The Village (thrift store)

2. Burlington

3. Bookstores in general.

THREE jobs you've had.

1. Currently a freelance graphic designer.

2. Sales associate at a kitchen store

3. Cafe associate at Sam's Club.

THREE favorite female names.

1. Lydia

2. Adeline

3. Adrienne

THREE favorite male names.

1. Billy

2. Anthony

3. Charles

THREE things you have a strong opinion on.

1. Gay/human rights

2. Free information

3. Marijuana advocacy

THREE of your least favorite fashion trends.

1. Scene hair

2. Fake glasses

3. Chestplate tattoos

THREE phones you've had.

1. I honestly don't even remember.

THREE favorite colors to wear.

1. Black

2. Olive drab

3. Red

THREE favorite mall stores.

1. N/A

THREE favorite hair styles.

1. Louise Brooks bob

2. Undercut

3. David Tennant's Doctor Who hair.

THREE AIM screennames you've had.

1. Don't remember.

THREE different ways to possibly spell your name.

1. Er. There aren't.


Have you ever considered marrying a Buddy Holly impersonator?
Well I am now.

Do you like any Glee Cast version songs better than the originals?
I hate Glee.

Do you own any snowglobes?

What do you think about Amber Portwood?

Do you like dried fruit?
I like dried strawberries, that's it.

What's the last thing you spent less than $2.50 on?
I'm not sure.

Do you like it when people are funny when they're not trying to be?

Would you have a one night stand with Matt Schultz?

Do you ever take pics that are perfect without even having to edit them?
Pictures are rarely perfect. Even most professional photographers edit the levels so the color is more vibrant.

When's the last time you tricked a friend into doing something ridiculous?
I don't trick my friends.

Are you moving any time soon?
Not that I know of.

Is there anyone you're kind of always uncomfortable around?
My mother's overzealous Christian friend. Who also happens to be a hypocrite, but apparently she's allowed to pick and choose what parts of Christianity she wants to partake in.

Do you like playing Jenga?

Would you like to own an electric Snuggie?

Does anyone surprise you with something nice when you're sick?

Have you ever been a new girl at a school before?

Have you ever been a new girl in any setting?

Have you ever seen a black and white film from the 50s?
50's and earlier, yes.

Do you ever actually jump up and down when you're happy about something?

Do you know anyone 20+ who can't spell 'Christmas' right without assistance?
My mom. She can't spell a lot of things. She's dyslexic.

Do you think men's razors shave better than women's?
I think they're about the same.

Do you think you know what love is?

Have you ever listened to yourself some Neil Diamond?
I have.

What's the last thing you purchased off of the internet?
A graphic novel.

Do you like beards?

Are you watching The Bachelorette this season?

If so, thoughts?

What was the last thing you've done that was completely selfless?
I don't know.

Have you ever read a Western-based novel?
No. Plan to read True Grit, though.

Do you have any piercings other than your ears?
I used to. Not anymore.

Do you know anyone who still listens to a CD player?
Not a portable one, no.

Is there anyone you live with that you've sort of 'hid from' before?

Does anyone here not watch Tosh.0?
I don't. I don't think he's really that funny and I like The Soup better.

Are you a fan of Big Time Rush or Jesse McCartney?
Lol you like shitty things.

Are you in possession of any overdue library books?
Yes. Over three years overdue, in fact. Fuck the police.

Is there an avocado in your refrigerator?
No. Can't have them on my diet.

Do you know what hentai is?
Ew, yes.

Do you watch Kingsley's YouTube videos?
Not regularly, but Ive seen a couple.

How many tanktops are you in possession of?
Like three.

Do you know who Betty Broderick was?

Do you ever watch murder/crime mystery reality-based TV shows?

Have you ever had a Mexican Coca-Cola?

Would you be cool with dating someone who was bisexual?
Uh, yes. Why the fuck wouldn't I be.

Do you like Darwin Deez?

Do you have a Kindle or an eReader?
I have a Kindle and I love it.


What would be worse - going out in public with no bra or no panties?:
Bra. I hate not wearing a bra, even when I go to bed. Ugh.

Who is one person in your life who could use a serious attitude adjustment?:
Fucking Steve.

Using three words and no colors, describe your most worn pair of shoes:
Hi-top Chuck Taylors.

If you had to change a tire right now, would you know how?:

You have a 20 hour flight ahead of you, pick one person to sit next to:
Er, I don't know.

Would you ever let your child drop out of high school?:
Depend on the circumstances. Likely no, but I'd hear them out.

Take a guess at what temperature it is outside:
70 something.

What is your favorite hot drink? How about your favorite cold one?:
Green tea. Water.

Honestly, do you think that inner beauty is as important as outer beauty?:
Yes, but outer beauty is a plus, too.

What is something you own that means a lot to you? Where'd you get it?:
A few things.

What is something you used to be afraid of, but aren't anymore?:
I'm not sure.

You can only have two: smart, sexy, funny, or cute. Pick.:
Smart and sexy.

In Taiwan they eat rooster testicles - would you try them?:

Privacy and respect; which is more important to you?:
Respect kind of goes along with privacy.

Do you pronounce "aunt" like "awnt" or "ant"? :

Can you spell your first name backwards without writing it down?:

Pick a movie that is somewhat relatable to your life right now::
Ghost World is always relatable to my life.

Do you ever buy CD's anymore?:

Has a store employee ever hit on you while you were shopping or paying?:

Great car and average house or great house and average car?:
Great car and average house. The car I want is $130,000, so…

Do you find not washing your hands after using the bathroom to be gross?:

Are you more often the heart-breaker or the heart broken?:
It's about equal.

How often do you flash a peace sign in your photographs?:

Do you smile with your mouth open or closed? Why?:
Teeth showing. I don't know, it's just a natural thing.

Are both of your lips about the same size?:
No. I have a 'pouty' bottom lip.

Do you think you could get dressed (and look decent) in the complete dark?:
I've done it before, so why not.
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