Heather (glacier_kitty) wrote in surveys,

1. Are you more likely to “suck it up” when something is difficult or to give up? depends
2. What was your very first day of your very first job like? What’d you do? How long did it take you to get the hang of it, and feel comfortable with working? alright, except i fell on my knees while carrying a box and had bruises on my knees for awhile haha. priced books, etc. awhile maybe..
3. If you have a dog, are they friendly to strangers or other dogs? i don't have a dog, but my cat loves strangers and doesn't seem to mind dogs either lol (not cats though, she'll hiss at them if they get too close :P)
4. Whether you like it or not, do you tend to get into drama with girls? Or do you just let that stuff roll right off your back and have nothing to do with it? i try to let it roll off and have nothing to do with it..it's not worth it
5. Do people ever comment on or joke about your driving? i don't drive
6. What was something little that made you smile or cheer up today? funny coworkers lol
7. Would you say that the people you hang out with most are kind of weird or unique? Or do you think they’re just regular chill people? everyone is unique in their own ways!
8. Have you ever had absinthe? no
9. Have you ever been accused of trying to steal someone’s significant other? Were you trying to? no
10. Have you ever resented someone for something that is out of their control? Has this ever happened to you? possibly..
11. Was there anything that you thought would never happen to you, but it did? sure, like living in alaska
12. Do you tend to try to avoid drama or do you kind of like a life filled with drama? avoid it
13. Do people often describe you as a sweetheart? Or maybe there's another word people are always calling you? sure, or "sweetie" lol
14. What was the last thing to move you? Are you easily moved or inspired? something on the news maybe. sure
15. If you've ever seen your very favorite band, did you cry when you saw them? Was it like a dream come true? If you've never seen them, do you think you would? a few favorites..i didn't cry, but yeah, it was pretty awesome lol, especially meeting hammerfall and getting pics with them!
16. If you write stories, have you ever come across a person in real life who looked weirdly similar to one of your characters? Or maybe acted just like them? no?
17. What is something a girl you've just met/seen can do to make you instantly dislike her? What about a boy? rudeness, etc
18. Is it hard for you to get along with people that have different opinions than you? Or can you ignore all of that stuff and be friends with just about anyone? not necessarily, if we can agree to disagree..
19. When you get fast food are you ever rude and impatient? no!! i hate when people do that..it's so unnecessary!
20. What is something you can do to calm yourself if you’re nervous? Is there anything you do to boost your confidence when you need it? take xanax LOL. maybe get support..
21. Do you have any of those Jac Vanek bracelets? How about any friendship bracelets? not sure what those are, and no
22. Have you ever said you were going to become a gypsy? Have you ever thought about it? no
23. How do you let go of petty things that are bothering you? Is it easy for you to let things like being insulted by a stranger go? i can get annoyed, but it's better just to let them go. depends..
24. Of all the reality competitions you’ve watched, who are some of your all time favorite contestants and what shows were they from? constantine haha, etc
25. Do you like to read/hear spoilers about your favorite shows or new movies? Or would you rather know nothing until you actually saw the show/movie? sometimes i can't help it if i'm really worried about a favorite character LOL, but it's more exciting if you're not spoiled :P
What’s better: winter break or spring break? i don't get either anymore
Are you cold, hot, or comfortable at the moment? kinda warm
How many concerts have you been to in your life? 8?
What’s your favorite TV show? game of thrones, etc
Would you ever have sex with the last person you texted? no
Would you rather paint your room puke green, or eat a potato bug? paint my room puke green
How old were you when you had the chicken pox? i never had it
Ever had a friend named Alex or John? not really
Are you one who misses a lot of school, just because? i'm not in school
What type of music do you listen to the most? metal, etc
What are you looking forward to in the next month? it getting warmer hopefully? haha
Is there anyone that you’d love to just spill your guts to? *shrugs*
When was the last time you painted a picture? it's been a long time..
Where is the person you have feelings at right now? he's not alive anymore..
Can you drive? When did/do you get your license? no
Have you ever had to get braces? yeah
What brand and flavor was the last gum you chewed? umm..big red? it was ages ago lol
Are you happy with your relationship status? yes and no
What did you have for lunch today? Was it good? pasta..it was alright
Which one: chocolate chip or sugar cookie? chocolate chip, but sugar cookies are good too
Who was the last person that you sincerely apologized to? *shrugs*
Do you like the smell of gasoline? Why or why not? no..gross
Do you like the color orange? Is it your favorite? depends..like in a sunset, yeah
What kind of ice cream did you last eat? chocolate chip
What kind of stuff do you like on your hot dogs? i don't eat hot dogs
Have you ever been in a spelling bee? yeah
Do you enjoy talking on the telephone? Who do you talk to the most? eh, i'd rather talk in person. mom, etc
Do you think the last person you texted is attractive? kinda
Does it bother you when people don’t answer questions with exact answers? depends
Do you know how to snap your fingers? sure
In what order do you get ready in the mornings? make bed, brush teeth, etc
When did you last cry? What for? *shrugs*
Where were you at 9:18 this morning? work
Where did you kiss the last person you kissed? i haven't kissed anyone
When was the last time you consumed alcohol? last month
What is in your bag for school, or work? money, etc
The 2nd to last person you texted, how did you meet them? she's my mom..
Do you call it a crush, or do you just say you like someone? a crush lol
Have you been drunk in the last week? no
What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? cinnamon rolls, etc
1.What is your favorite kind of cracker? ritz, etc
2. Have you ever heard that eating paper can give you worms [it’s not true, by the way]? no..
3. Do you avoid short surveys? What about excessively long ones [one hundred questions plus]? if they're like 10 questions lol. sometimes, if they look boring lol
4. Can you name a single song by Billy Joel without looking it up? yeah, piano man
5. Are there any wrappers/empty beverage containers on your desk/some surface in your room? there might be..
6. Do you wish life functioned more similarly to video games, such as having a save file that you could return to after you make a mistake and therefore you could erase that from happening and start over anew? I’d probably never progress that way. I’d keep going back over and over. <-- it would be interesting, but yeah, pretty much this
7. What is the last body part you injured? How was it done? i got a scratch on my hand from bumping into something
8. Do you try to avoid burping in public, or are you open about it? After all, it is a normal bodily function. yeah, it embarrasses me lol
9. If you could live the life of any Disney princess, who would you pick and for what reason? Do you think their lives/tales are really as desirable as they seem? *shrugs* probably not..
10. Have you ever heard strange noises on your roof at night? Did you/would you ignore it, or inspect it? i thought i heard santa once haha
11. Do you like regular peppermint candy canes, or do you prefer different flavored ones [fruits, bubble gum, cinnamon, etc.]? i don't like candy canes
12. When something hurts on your body, or you discover something [like a bump, mole, whatever] that wasn’t previously there, do you always assume the worst? lol yes. random pain in side? yep, i'm dying :P
13. Have you ever been kissed while sitting atop the hood of a car? no
14. What do you think is the dumbest/tackiest piercing? not really a fan of tongue piercings..
15. What is something ordinary that you think is beautiful? a sunset
16. Have you ever refused to read/watch/listen to something simply because a lot of people really liked it? yeah
17. Do you own an umbrella? What color is it? no
18. Do you find facial hair attractive or unattractive? depends
19. Have you ever requested a song on the radio? no
20. Is there someone/something preventing you from doing what you want? sure
21. When you were a kid, did you realize how depressing ‘The Circle of Life’ from The Lion King really is? Do you realize now? it is sad, but i'm not sure if i would have picked up on it as a kid..
22. Do you have any Facebook friends that have profile pictures of someone/something other than themselves? yeah
23. If you could have anything as a snack right now, what would you have? *shrugs*
24. When you think of the word ‘snack’, does fruit [or vegetables] ever come to mind? lol no
25. What was the last mandatory thing you had to do that you really dreaded? *shrugs*
Can you remember what you were doing at 7:30pm on Monday? sleeping?
Do you talk to people about your problems, or keep them to yourself? depends
Does your mother still take care of you if you get ill? kinda
Is there anything worrying you atm, that you haven’t told anyone about? maybe
Who was the last person to text you? What did he/she want? mom, she was texting me pics i wanted
Have you ever met a celebrity? a band..
Does your mascara run or smudge when you cry? i don't wear mascara
The next time you leave your house, where will you be going? work
If someone tells you that you’re never going to amount to anything, what do you say to them? "you're wrong, i have a great job and people that love me"
Have you ever loved or liked someone so much that you refused to see their faults, and actually believed them to be perfect? kinda
Have you ever woken up halfway through an interesting dream and felt disappointed because you wanted to find out how it ended? probably lol
Do you get along with EVERYONE in your family? kinda
What is one song that always brings back memories every time you hear it? bohemian rhapsody, for one
Is there a certain topic that you struggle to talk about, because it makes you feel uncomfortable? probably
If someone knocks at your door right now, who do you hope to see standing there when you open it? eh, i'm good right now lol
Are there any items in your wardrobe that you have never worn? yeah
Has anyone ever stolen anything from you? yeah
Are you currently wearing anything white? yeah
What was the last thing you touched that was blue? my bathrobe
Do you currently have any pimples? sure
If you could go back to yesterday and live the entire day all over again, is there anything you would change? maybe
Is the last person you hugged taller than you? yeah
Did anything disturb your sleep at all last night? yeah, like my cat
Who was the last person to make you feel awkward or embarrass you? *shrugs*
How does it make you feel looking at pics with your ex and someone else? i don't have an ex
Where do you work at? forget-me-not books
Do you get really annoyed at sex questions? depends
Did you ever join a gym to look hot and get back at an ex bf/gf? lol no
If you’re not in college, why? meh
Do you hate customers that come into your work? if they're rude and obnoxious..
Are you hiding something from someone? *shrugs*
How many pairs of shoes do you own? a bunch
What do you think about MTV? dumb
01. Has any part of your house ever been flooded? not that i know of
02. Do you have a “name day”? If so, when is it? no?
03. Have you ever been interested in learning about murderers or murder cases? i suppose
04. Is there anyone that you’re worried about right now? Who and why? maybe
05. Do you ever take on more than you are capable of handling, or do you have a good idea of what you can take and what you can’t? i try not to..
06. If you won a lot of money, would you donate any of it? To what organization would you donate it? sure, animal places, for one
07. Are you a competitive person? What are you most competitive about? i can be
08. Have you ever read a book in a different language? Would you ever want to? no
09. Describe the best friend you’ve ever had, or the best person you’ve ever known. dana, pat, mom, etc..awesome fun caring people!
10. Does the book you’re reading and the style of the writing affect the way you write during the time you’re reading it? ehh
11. Have you ever adopted a stray animal? sure
12. What do you appreciate most about your parent(s)? supportive, etc
13. Do you think that happiness can only be a short term state of mind or that it can be long term (i.e. do you think you only feel happiness momentarily in certain situations or no)? it can be both
14. What is something that is commonly used that you think will eventually become obsolete? Or what is something that many people do now that you think they won’t do in the future? *shrugs*
15. If you use a bookmark while reading, what does it look like? there are mountains and glaciers and it says "alaska" on it
16. If you were seriously ill and couldn’t find the necessary help or treatment in your home country, would you ever travel abroad to get treatment, expenses aside? sure
17. When did you last receive a card? What does it look like, and who is it from? recently, just an appointment reminder
18. What is something that the media/the public hyped, but that you found boring or that you didn’t like? the movie gravity..omg so boring and dumb
19. Describe the last really bad movie and/or book you watched/read. Then describe the last really great movie and/or book you watched/read. nah
20. What utensil do you write in most often? pens
Hey :) so what happened last night? i went to dinner with mom
What’s the third letter of your surname? r
What was the last magazine you bought? Do you subscribe to any? *shrugs* no
What do you think is the first thing people notice about you, when they meet you? hmm..height, hair, glasses, smile..something like that lol
Have you had any conversations recently that made you feel uncomfortable or upset? probably
Have you ever had a first impression of someone that turned out to be completely wrong? yeah
Has the last person you texted ever met your ex? no ex
Who was the last person to send you a friend request on Facebook? Did you accept? *shrugs*
Whose Facebook profile did you last look at? Was there anything that caught your attention? mine
Tell me about the last conversation you had with someone face-to-face. Who did you talk to? What was your topic of conversation, and how did you get round to discussing that topic? someone at work i think..
What did you have for lunch yesterday? pasta
What does your last text message from someone of the same sex say? it's a picture
Have you ever told anyone you never wanted to see/speak to them again? Did you mean it? *shrugs*
Are you unhappy, for any reason at all? i suppose
Do you regret your last relationship? haven't been in one
Have you ever been told that you’re awesome? sure
What swear word do you use the most? none
What colour is the carpet in the room you’re in? multicolored
Would you go out with the last male that Facebook messaged you? no
What was the last kind thing you did for someone else? Did that person ever thank you for it? helped them look for a book?
What are the other people in your household doing at this moment? my cat is probably sleeping lol
What was the last new film you watched? Did you like it? rogue one? sure
Do you consider yourself to be an attractive person, or do you feel unattractive compared to others around you? And if you feel unattractive, what do you think it is that makes you feel that way? yes and no. stuff
Think about the first person you had a relationship with. Were you ‘in love’ with that person? Would you take him/her back?
Are you close to the last person you text messaged? How long have you known him/her? yeah, my whole life
Did you fill in this survey simply because you’re bored, or was there another reason? i just wanted to lol
1) I am twenty-one years old.
2) I have had my birthday already this year.
3) It did not go quite as expected.
4) It rained on that particular day, too.
5) I am a Pisces.
6) I feel like my star-sign traits resemble my general personality. (i don't pay attention..)
7) I do not often read my horoscope.
8) Camping in the summer is something that I like to do as frequently as possible.
9) I have recently begun to learn a new instrument.
10) And, that instrument would be guitar.
11) I have been feeling pretty low on energy lately.
12) I have had a headache within the past week or so.
13) I enjoy gardening.
14) As well as eating fresh vegetables and roots from the/a garden.
15) My favorite band is from another country. (some anyway)
16) And they sing predominantly in another language.
17) I become excited when I realize one of my favorite bands is coming out with a new album.
18) I have recently come to terms with some things that were bothering me.
19) Well, I’ve accepted them as much as I can, anyway.

20) Taking photos is a hobby of mine.
21) And, I am always surprised and delighted when people like my pictures.
22) I have cried within the past month.
23) Once was more due to physical pain than emotional pain.
24) I prefer headphones to earbuds.
25) I am somewhat of a homebody.
26) I like reading books.
27) I want to settle down somewhere peaceful, perhaps out in the countryside.
28) Nature causes me to feel restful and relaxed. It fixes my soul.

29) I am a rather indecisive person, especially when it comes to stupidly simple things.
30) Such as what to eat, or at what time something or another should be done, and so on.

31) I do not like to be the first one to approach someone else.
32) I am not very skilled when it comes to making conversation.
33) And, when it comes to small-talk, forget it. I am absolutely inept.
34) However, I will give you my detailed opinion on the weather, if you ask.
35) I treat my survey blog like my journal.
36) Which means that you can almost always expect lengthy answers.
37) I have not made a bolding survey in quite awhile.
38) I enjoy making surveys, for the most part.
39) I am single.
40) I am not all that fond of romantic cliches.

41) A coffee mug would be a perfect gift for me.
42) I do not mind the pain that accompanies getting a tattoo.
43) And, I hope to get a new one before too long.
44) I got my first piercings and tattoo at a fairly young age.
45) I have been cheated on before.
46) I could never imagine cheating on anyone else.
47) My sexuality is somewhat ambiguous.
48) People ask me awkward questions about my gender/sexuality rather frequently.
49) I have a Formspring account.
50) I have a Tumblr account.
51) I have a Flickr and a 365Project, too.
52) I do not use a lot of emoticons in my survey responses.
53) I can be pretty paranoid.
54) And irritable.

55) And conceited.
56) But that is my ugly, insecure side.
57) Most of the time I am kind, generous, patient, and decently mannered.

58) I write as though I would die if I didn’t.
59) I have a tendency to take things personally.
60) Even if I will not act like it on the outside.

61) I do not do well with children, at all.
62) But animals and I seem to get along splendidly.
63) I can understand a good portion of one foreign language.
64) I almost always listen to music when I am on the computer.
65) Really, really hot showers are awesome.
66) I have begun to drift away from eating any fast food at all.
67) I rarely ever eat meat.
68) But I am not considering becoming vegetarian.
69) I have vices with which I am not willing to part.
70) Some of them would be considered unhealthy.

71) I’m probably my own worst enemy, as well as my own biggest fan.
72) I’ve had a weird love/hate relationship with myself my whole life.

73) I tend to avoid people because I do not want to become dependent on them/close to them.
74) Two words: Trust Issues.
75) I have made a list of things I want to accomplish this summer.
76) And I have already accomplished several of those things.
77) I very much enjoy hiking in the mountains.
78) And macro photography.
79) And songs with acoustic guitar.
80) I would rather be proven wrong than carry on with a false sense of what is right.

81) I have recently lost a friend.
82) And I have recently pushed a couple of people away, intentionally.
83) I love going shopping for books. I could spend all day in a bookstore.
84) To me, chai tea is YUM.
85) So is good old fashioned piping hot black coffee.
86) I do not care much for foods with a smooth texture.
87) I prefer savory or salty foods to sweet and rich desserts. (both can be good..)
88) I do not like going out to eat at restaurants.
89) I would rather have short hair as opposed to long hair.
90) I do not sleep well at night.
91) My dreams tend to include people I know.

92) And every dream-scenario is bound to include some sort of drama.
93) Most of my pants are skinny jeans.
94) I love winter, partially due to the fact that I can wear hoodies and coats and cold-weather attire.
95) I do not listen to the radio.
96) Most of my favorite music/musicians come from the 90’s.
97) I can be very obsessive, regarding certain things.
98) I am not one to hang on to regrets.
99) I have a weird philosophy on life.
100) I love, love, love watching the rain. I cannot get enough of it. (if it's heavy rain..)
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