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1. Are you more likely to “suck it up” when something is difficult or to give up?
I never thought about it. I guess I give up really

2. What was your very first day of your very first job like? What’d you do? How long did it take you to get the hang of it, and feel comfortable with working?
Oh wow...I don't even remember it was so long ago

3. If you have a dog, are they friendly to strangers or other dogs?
She is very friendly

4. Whether you like it or not, do you tend to get into drama with girls? Or do you just let that stuff roll right off your back and have nothing to do with it?
No I stay away from drama

5. Do people ever comment on or joke about your driving?
I don’t drive

6. What was something little that made you smile or cheer up today?
Seeing Sal Vulcano's new fan Q&A

7. Would you say that the people you hang out with most are kind of weird or unique? Or do you think they’re just regular chill people?
I think they're unique as we all are

8. Have you ever had absinthe?

9. Have you ever been accused of trying to steal someone’s significant other? Were you trying to?

10. Have you ever resented someone for something that is out of their control? Has this ever happened to you?

11. Was there anything that you thought would never happen to you, but it did?

12. Do you tend to try to avoid drama or do you kind of like a life filled with drama?
I hate drama

13. Do people often describe you as a sweetheart? Or maybe there`s another word people are always calling you?
Sweet and caring

14. What was the last thing to move you? Are you easily moved or inspired?
Meeting Sal Vulcano and then a month later seeing him again. Though I didn't get to meet him the second time, he still brought me to tears of happiness

15. If you`ve ever seen your very favorite band, did you cry when you saw them? Was it like a dream come true? If you`ve never seen them, do you think you would?
OMG...I cried for days after seeing Hanson for the first time.

16. If you write stories, have you ever come across a person in real life who looked weirdly similar to one of your characters? Or maybe acted just like them?

17. What is something a girl you`ve just met/seen can do to make you instantly dislike her? What about a boy?
I just can't stand rude people

18. Is it hard for you to get along with people that have different opinions than you? Or can you ignore all of that stuff and be friends with just about anyone?
I ignore all that stuff. Now if only they could that would be great

19. When you get fast food are you ever rude and impatient?

20. What is something you can do to calm yourself if you’re nervous? Is there anything you do to boost your confidence when you need it?
Thinking of Sal...though he's quite nervous himself so I don't know if that reall helps LOL

21. Do you have any of those Jac Vanek bracelets? How about any friendship bracelets?
I had friendship ones back in the day

22. Have you ever said you were going to become a gypsy? Have you ever thought about it?

23. How do you let go of petty things that are bothering you? Is it easy for you to let things like being insulted by a stranger go?
It really isn't easy for me and I'll end up swelling on it

24. Of all the reality competitions you’ve watched, who are some of your all time favorite contestants and what shows were they from?
Jason Castro!!! He should've won that year!! Oh and Constantine Maroulis but he's a good friend of mine so of course he's a favorite LOL

25. Do you like to read/hear spoilers about your favorite shows or new movies? Or would you rather know nothing until you actually saw the show/movie?
Yes I love spoilers
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