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Can you remember what you were doing at 7:30pm on Monday?
I was talking to my new friend Dan and we were waiting to go into the theater for the Impractical Joker's show.

Do you talk to people about your problems, or keep them to yourself?
I talk to my best friend Mo about it

Does your mother still take care of you if you get ill?

Is there anything worrying you atm, that you haven’t told anyone about?

Who was the last person to text you? What did he/she want?
Mo. Calling the latest guy to play me an airhead. Like I said, I tell her my problems LOL

Have you ever met a celebrity?
Yes. Many

Does your mascara run or smudge when you cry?

The next time you leave your house, where will you be going?

If someone tells you that you’re never going to amount to anything, what do you say to them?
I ignore them but deep inside it kills me

Have you ever loved or liked someone so much that you refused to see their faults, and actually believed them to be perfect?

Have you ever woken up halfway through an interesting dream and felt disappointed because you wanted to find out how it ended?
Yes!!! A recent Sal one I had

Do you get along with EVERYONE in your family?
No. Many of them support he who shall not be named and they have taken to yelling at me for being against him

What is one song that always brings back memories every time you hear it?
Anything from New Kids like right now HAHA

Is there a certain topic that you struggle to talk about, because it makes you feel uncomfortable?
A few

If someone knocks at your door right now, who do you hope to see standing there when you open it?
No one I can think of right now LOL

Are there any items in your wardrobe that you have never worn?

Has anyone ever stolen anything from you?

Are you currently wearing anything white?
My leggings have white

What was the last thing you touched that was blue?

Do you currently have any pimples?

If you could go back to yesterday and live the entire day all over again, is there anything you would change?
Yes that we didn't have the stupid blizzard

Is the last person you hugged taller than you?

Did anything disturb your sleep at all last night?

Who was the last person to make you feel awkward or embarrass you?
No one. But I embarrassed myself in front of Sal Vulcano LOL

Where do you work at?
I'm an author and work from home

Do you get really annoyed at sex questions?
Yes because I never had sex and I believe in waiting til marriage. And I hate that those who make surveys think that everyone has sex before marriage

Did you ever join a gym to look hot and get back at an ex bf/gf?

If you’re not in college, why?
I graduated with my degree already.

Do you hate customers that come into your work?
No customers

Are you hiding something from someone?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

What do you think about MTV?
When they actually played music it was great. Now I think it's just garbage
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