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1.What is your favorite kind of cracker?
I don't have favorite

2. Have you ever heard that eating paper can give you worms [it’s not true, by the way]?
I have never heard that before.

3. Do you avoid short surveys? What about excessively long ones [one hundred questions plus]?
I hate really short ones and more than 50 get annoying.

4. Can you name a single song by Billy Joel without looking it up?
Moving Up I was actually just talking about seeing that musical on Broadway LOL

5. Are there any wrappers / empty beverage containers on your desk / some surface in your room?

6. Do you wish life functioned more similarly to video games, such as having a save file that you could return to after you make a mistake & therefore you could erase that from happening & start over anew?

7. What is the last body part you injured? How was it done?
Back. Pulled it the other day

8. Do you try to avoid burping in public, or are you open about it? After all, it is a normal bodily function.
Totally open about it...unless I'm with a cute guy LOL

9. If you could live the life of any Disney princess, who would you pick & for what reason? Do you think their lives / tales are really as desirable as they seem?
Jasmine. She was always my favorite. Or Belle

10. Have you ever heard strange noises on your roof at night? Did you / would you ignore it, or inspect it?
Yes and I ignore it

11. Do you like regular peppermint candy canes, or do you prefer different flavored ones [fruits, bubble gum, cinnamon, etc.]?
I just like the regular ones.

12. When something hurts on your body, or you discover something [like a bump, mole, whatever] that wasn’t previously there, do you always assume the worst?
I try not too LOL

13. Have you ever been kissed while sitting atop the hood of a car?

14. What do you think is the dumbest / tackiest piercing?
I don’t know.

15. What is something ordinary that you think is beautiful?
I have no diea

16. Have you ever refused to read / watch / listen to something simply because a lot of people really liked it?

17. Do you own an umbrella? What color is it?

18. Do you find facial hair attractive or unattractive?
Depends. I love it on Sal

19. Have you ever requested a song on the radio?

20. Is there someone / something preventing you from doing what you want?

21. When you were a kid, did you realize how depressing ‘The Circle of Life’ from The Lion King really is? Do you realize now?
Yes I did

22. Do you have any Facebook friends that have profile pictures of someone / something other than themselves?

23. If you could have anything as a snack right now, what would you have?

24. When you think of the word ‘snack’, does fruit [or vegetables] ever come to mind?

25. What was the last mandatory thing you had to do that you really dreaded?
Oh wow...I can't think of anything.
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