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Who was the last person who unexpectedly texted you?

What was the last thing you carried to your room?
My phone

What’s one text that you saved?
All of them pretty much

Name a boy who’s wrapped around your finger:
No one.

How do you cheer up your best friend?
I just find a way to based on what's happening

When’s the next time you’ll be drinking?
Hopefully next Thursday when Jokers are on

If a guy treats you like his girlfriend but doesn’t ask you out and says he doesn’t like you, wtf’s up?
OMG...Don't get me started on that

Best thing that happened to you this summer?
Discovering I love Sal Vulcano LOL

Do you think if you want a guy’s attention, engaging him then ignoring him works?
I don't do it

What do you classify hooking up as?
Having sex.

Which of your best friends would most likely betray you?
None of them

Captain Morgan or Smirnoff?

Last concert you attended?
my good friend Constantine

Predict what will happen this weekend:
Work and going to church

Is pot addicting?
I wouldn't know

Last piercing you got and the next piercing you’re getting?
My ears and I want more on my ears

If you had the money, what is something you would buy right now?
A plane ticket to Scotland

What are you doing on halloween?
That is my holiday. This year I think I'll be Princess Leia

Are you dressing up as anything for halloween?
I always do

Name everything in october that you’re excited for:

Who is your favorite person in the first group of your buddy list?
Wow...I don't have one anymore

Who do you text the most?
Mo, Lisa, Ricky, Nay

Something you wish your parents would let you do:
I'm 33 I can do what I want

Do you think guys are predictable?

Do you like people that remind you of yourself?
I guess

Do you wear jeans or leggings more?

Name someone you know who does their makeup really shitty:
I'd say me LOL I really suck at it.

When you ask for someone’s number and they don’t ask for yours back, do you feel shitty?
That's never happened actually. Usually we exchange together or I give them just mine LOL
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