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(1) Can you solve quadratic equation
I probably could've years ago LOL

(2) Does it annoy you when you have to keep sharpening a pencil because the lead keeps breaking?
I usually use pens

(3) Do you like the smell of nail polish?

(4) Do you think that downloading music illegally is immoral?
I see why there's an issue, but sometimes we just only one one song LOL

(5) Have you ever had to have stitches?

(6) Have you ever broken a bone?

(7) When was the last time you had to study for a test?
Wow like 2007

8) Are you a part of any societies?

(9) Do you like cardigans?

(10) Do you think there was anything wrong with Miley Cyrus’s Vanity Fair appearance?
Oh I remember that. Yes the pose with her father was sick and disgusting

(11) What is your city/state known for (eg. Paris; Eiffel Tower, fashion etc.)?'s known for whatever you name it it's known for it LOL

(12) What is your favourite 80’s film?
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. So glad I saw it in the movies last year!!

(13) Have you ever been paid to take a survey?

(14) How often do you buy a new item of clothing?
Depends really

(15) What do you do with your old clothes (chuck them out, donate them, sell them, give them to people you know)?
I keep them for some reason LOL

(16) Would you ever marry someone you didn’t truly love for a different motive (money etc.)?

(17) Do you want to get a(nother) tattoo?
I never want one

(18) How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

(19) Do you ever question your faith?

(20) Would you change your beliefs because the person you loved told you to?

(21) Do you think anyone has learnt a lesson from the Jewish Holocaust?
They should've, but obviously people didn't with what's going on today

(22) Why do you think there are still Holocaust deniers?
They just don't want to see the truth

(23) Do you know who wrote the first dictionary?

(24) How many days a week do you have to attend school/college/work?
I work 5 days a week. I give myself weekends free

(25) Are you under the age of 18?

(26) Do you floss your teeth?

(27) How many cups of coffee do you drink on a daily basis?

(28) Have you ever sworn at a policeman/woman/cop?

(29) Would you ever consider prostitution?

(29b)What if it was in a state where prostitution is legal and you were in a safe and clean brothel?

(30) Do you see your future as more of a maternal/paternal or professional mother/father?
Maternal parent

(31) How far do you agree that the mother is more important in a child’s life than the father?
I do believe mother has more importance because there is an extra bond with the child.

(32) Would you ever let one of your children enter a beauty pageant?

(33) What inspires you?
Lately Sal's been the inspiration for my poems

(34) When was the last time you attended a wedding?
Oct. 2012

(35) If they ask, do you keep the hanger when you buy new clothes?

(36) Do you get a headache from strobe lighting?
I don't think so

(37) Who was the last person to give you a handmade greetings card?
No idea

(38) What do you like most about winter?
I hate it

(39) How often do you go on holidays/vacations?
Like never

(40) Who was the last person you laughed with?
My mom

(41) Do you know who Stanley Milgram is? Do you know what he did?

(42) How far do you agree with the psychoanalytic theories proposed by Sigmund Freud?
I studied him in college. That's all I remember

(43) Do you see yourself in a long term relationship in the next year?
I hope so

(44) What was your favourite pokemon as a child?

(45) Do you seek the unique or settle for the ordinary?
I'm very unique myself

(46) Do your parents/did you parents allow you to stay out late?
I'm 33...I can

(47) When was the last time you had a crush?
I guess now

(48) Would you ever donate blood?
Nope..I'm anemic

(49) What was the topic of the last assignment/essay you wrote?
Wow it's been so long lol

(50) Does it annoy you when you can’t find the end on a reel of sticky tape?
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