Heather (glacier_kitty) wrote in surveys,

My name starts with the letter J.
I was born in 1988.
My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chip.
I've done many things that I regret.
I do not have many close friends.
I have one person who I can trust with my life. (uh..)
I watch Friends.
I often quote movies, TV shows, and books.
I love the simple things in life.
I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
I am a member of many online communities.
I resent Myspace.
Myspace is my addiction.
I play The Sims.
I've changed a question on a survey before.
Now I wonder if any questions on this survey were changed.

Vanity is my favorite sin.
I've seen the movie Irreversible.
I've seen the movie Irreversible and was disturbed by it.
Actually, Irreversible is one of my favorite movies.
I like photography.
I take pictures of things other than myself.
I am friends with someone I hate.
They know I hate them.
I know all of the words to the Fresh Prince theme song.
...Even though I loathe that show.
I know the whole audience participation script for The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I still watch Disney movies.
Spongebob Squarepants is my favorite TV show.
I have worn pajamas to school before.
Right now, I am wearing a pink shirt.
All of my clothes are black.
I have an iPod.
One of my favorite bands is My Chemical Romance.
I watch MTV.
Eminem deserves more respect.
I do not like to read.
I am a legend in my own mind.
John Munch is amazing.
I resent John Munch, to be quite honest.
Who the fuck is John Munch?
I type properly. (how do you mean?)
Napoleon Dynamite is the best movie.
I am emo and proud of it.
Fishnet stockings own.
I hate when people use the word "gay" to mean "pathetic".
I often do that.
I've read Romeo and Juliet.
...And hated it.
I rock at DDR.
I am cynical.
1. I have 3 or more caffeine drinks a day
2. I am confident
3. I like high school much more than middle school
4. I play the flute
5. People sometimes get annoyed at me because I'm so competitive
6. I used to be a jealous person, but I'm not anymore
7. I love guys with shaggy hair
9. I'm not a prep at all, but I like to shop at American Eagle
10. My best friend and I look so much alike that people have mistaken us for twins
11. ...But we are really twins
12. I used to be on a basketball team
13. I wrote my first book before I was 10
14. I have a whole notebook devoted to poetry
15. I don't like pop or country music
16. I have very straight teeth but I've never had braces
17. People say they love my body size...
18. ...But I would kill for some curves
19. People say I'm stronger than I look
20. My school is very small and very poor
21. I am a very impatient person
22. I love going to school football games
23. I'm a perfectionist
24. I have more clothes than anyone else in my family
25. I have only one sibling
26. My parents met each other on a blind date
27. I have been to Virginia Beach
28. ...And I loved it
29. I love most of the WB dramas
30. "Remember the Titans" was a wonderful movie
31. I cried when my first fish died
32. The last time I got in serious trouble at school was in the 2nd grade
33. I have to struggle not to cry when teachers yell at me
34. People believe I'm shyer than I really am (umm..)
35. I sometimes watch the Disney Channel
36. ...But only Phil of the Future and That's So Raven...
37. If a guy can make me laugh, I don't care what he looks like
38. I don't have any friends who aren't white, but it's not because I'm racist
39. I get lightheaded if I don't drink caffeine
40. I love euchre and poker
41. I am the most athletic girl in my group of friends
42. I am completely different from who I was one year ago
43. In fact, I am more like I was when I was 5...just more mature....
44. I have a very weird obsession with cows
45. I have been depressed at one point in my life (not clinically)
46. I eat pizza nearly every day
47. I am in the top 20 of my class
48. I don't eat healthy...at all
49. I have more than 10 trophies
50. I used to play softball, but now I hate it
51. My brother's best friend is incredibly hot
52. My first kiss was with my first best friend
53. My mom spoils me a little too much
54. I am extremely religious
55. I have a lot of friends who are 2 or 3 years older than me
56. No matter what I eat, I never gain weight
57. When I was younger, the kids nicknamed me Speedy Gonzalez because I ran so fast
58. In high school, the seniors nicknamed me Midget
59. I don't like potatoes or anything made with potatoes
60. I eat ice cream at least four times a week
61. ...Mainly Cookies n' Cream ice cream
62. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs
63. ...But I do have friends who smoke/drink who I get along with pretty well

65. I run track
66. My boyfriend's name is Sam
67. I don't date guys who are shy, because it makes things seem uncomfortable
68. I don't like the color pink
69. I like to sit in front of the TV, eating pizza, and watching football with my dad and brother
70. I'm a tomboy
71. Horror movies don't scare me
72. ...Actually, they make me laugh
73. Jodi Picoult's my very favorite author
74. I don't like Harry Potter and never have
75. I don't listen to girl bands/singers because I like the sound of guy's voices more
76. ...Plus, girl singers sound too "pop" and not enough "rock"
77. I can't sing at all
78. Sometimes I suffer from insomnia
79. The first time I went on a boat, I puked
80. My friends don't let me have Mountain Dew at night because I get too hyper
81. People have said that I'm annoying because I'm so perky
82. ...But I don't care because I think it's better to be happy all the time than depressed
83. I feel like there is nothing wrong in my life
84. I honestly care more about animals than humans
85. I don't like little kids
86. My best guy friend is 18
87. My dad is extremely protective
88. My parents don't drink...not even little sips of wine or beer
89. ...They don't smoke either
90. I wear contacts
91. High school is great (i'm not in high school anymore)
92. I wish I had a pet mouse....
93. I have a basketball hoop in my driveway
94. ...And sometimes, my neighbors and cousin come over and we play 2 on 2 games until midnight
95. I love when it rains
96. I hardly ever cry

97. I have one stuffed animal that I have to hug every night before going to sleep
98. My mom and I were once hit on by the same guy
99. "Decembers" by Hawthorne Heights is a great song
100. I am really happy with my life right now
Hello, my name is: heather
Who holds your heart at the moment? no one, it's in my chest :P
Are your parents over the age of 40? yeah
Do you have siblings over the age of 21? two are
What is your favorite kind of weather? warmish, etc
What is your favorite color shirt to wear? hmm
What are you looking forward to in the next 5 days? hmm
Who do you look up to most: your mom or your dad? uh
Are you happy with your life? not necessarily
Would you change yourself? hmm
Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle? eh
What shoes did you wear today? sketchers
Do you like hugs? sure?
Are you a loud person? i can be
Would you rather trade lives with a famous person? meh
Are you ready to get out of this town? hmm
When was the last time you went shopping? yesterday
Are you wearing any jewelry? no
Have you ever been on the television? no?
What did you eat today? a poptart, popcorn, stirfry, key lime cake
Do you live near your best friend? no
Are you scared of bugs? i can be
Do you read? yeah
Do you sleep with a teddy bear? no
What are you doing tomorrow? going online, etc
Are you wearing underwear right now? yeah
What are you doing right now? this, watching tv
Is there anyone that you wish was out of your life? hmm
How old do you want to be when you have kids? no thanks
Last time you ate cereal? uh
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? no
Did you kiss anyone today? no
Where would you like to live? hmm
When's the last time you fell or ran into something? recently
Are you a fast typer? sure
Have you ever moved? yeah
Are you listening to music right now? no
What makes you mad? something
Have you ever had a song written about you? no
If you could change your eye color what would it be? meh
Have you ever had a surprise birthday party? sort of
When's the last time you cried? last month?
Who was the last person that made you laugh? mom
How many 20 dollar bills do you have on you right now? none
How did you get your last bruise? i bumped my knee somehow lol
Would you rather sleep at a friend's or have them over? hmm
Do you have a hard time admitting you're wrong? eh
Do you get along with guys or girls better? girls?
Do you think you have made a difference in anyone's life? possibly
Have you ever been punched by the opposite sex? sure?
Are you officially boy/girlfriend with someone? no
Can you cook harder things than spaghetti, pancakes, and macaroni? sure
Who is the first person in your phone book? caitlin
What made you happy today? something i said
Have you ever been in trouble with the police? no
Where will you be in an hour? here
Do you tend to think with your heart or logically? hmm
What was the WORST thing that happened to you today? hmm
A fact about the person you like... do i like someone
Do you know a lot about cars? they are shiny. <-- :D
Have you ever gotten into a drunken fight? no
What did you do this past Valentine's Day? went online? lol
Are you truly happy? no?
1) Eyy so what's your name cutie? heather
2) What time is it? 9:33 pm
3) What did you do today? went online, drove into the hills, etc
4) Niiceee! so what are you listening to? the olympics
5) Are your nails painted red? no
6) Anything exciting that happened last week? umm
7) Do you smoke? no
8) If so what brand?
9) Do you drink? no
10) Ew, you shouldn't:
11) Do you like Katy Perry or think is overrated? uh
12) What do you order in Starbucks? i don't really go there
13) Why is your number one your number one? best friend
14) Are you on your number two top friends? are you asking am i on my number 2's top friend list? yeah
15) If so, where? 4
16) Say 5 nice things about your number three? she's nice
17) Have you ever been to your number four's house? yeah her old one
18) Wait who are they anyway? [Your top 4] dana, ryan, jenni, caitlin
19) What's your favorite brand of make up? meh
20) Last time you went shopping? yesterday
21) Your status? single
22) Are you happy about that? hmm
23) She's out of luck and out of hope... aww
24) Could you complete it? What song it is from? dunno
25) Do you have pets? yeah
26) When is the next time you'll see your best friend? tomorrow?
27) What about your boyfriend/crush?
28) I'm pretty fucking honest on my surveys, what about you? hmm
29) Do people tell you a lot you're pretty/gorgeous? not A LOT
30) Do you eat three meals at day? no
31) Are you obssesed with Myspace? no
32) Why?/why not? cause
33) How often do you talk to your number one? depends
34) How does your number two look like? like my brother
35) Have you ever had a huge fight with number three? no
36) Are you related to four? no
37) Is your top friends bigger than four? yeah
38) Plans for the week? going online, etc
39) Do you take a lot of pictures of yourself? not necessarily
40) What's your favorite band? kamelot, etc
41) Have you ever seen them live? kamelot yeah
42) Where would you live if you could move anywhere? texas?
43) You have only a wish, what would you ask for? hmm
44) You know I make you wanna scream... twist and shout? lol
45) Oh I love that song, do you know it? umm
46) What do you think of Jeffree Star? ugh
47) Did you know he's friends with Kate Von D? who?
48) Do you even know who Kate Von D is? no
49) What are you listening to now? the olympics
50) What time is it? 9:40 pm
In The Room You're In Is There...
A Chair? yeah
A Dog? no
A TV? yeah
DVD's? yeah
A Notebook? no?
A Lamp? yeah?
A Pillow? yeah
A Blanket? yeah
Shoes? no
Pictures? yeah
A Window? yeah
A Mirror? no
Curtains? not exactly
A Clock? my watch lol
Today's Newspaper? no
A Book? yeah
The TV Guide? no
A DVD Player? yeah
A VHS Player? no
A Light switch? yeah
A Ceiling Fan? yeah
Random Things To Do In The Room...
Reach to your left, as far as you can, what do you touch? the windowsill
Reach to your right, as far as you can, what do you touch? air
Reach forward, as far as you can, what do you touch? the computer
Get off the chair you're sitting on and walk 20 steps, what do you run into? no lol
Turn on the closest TV, what's on? the olympics
Open the nearest closet, what's in it? coats, etc
Look around the room, who/what is the first picture you see of? a lake
Get the newspaper, what’s the major news? no lol
Open a window, what’s it feel like out? coldish
Turn on the TV again but go up 8 channels, now what’s on that station? possibly nothing
Pet Peeves
1. Wearing hats on a funny angle.
2. Walking slowly on the footpath.
3. Trying to talk while yawning.

4. Quoting the Simpsons every five seconds.
5. Talking with an American accent despite never spending a second there.
6. Calling people of the same age "kids".
7. Putting frangipani stickers on cars.
8. Riding motorcycles down the middle of backed up traffic lanes.
9. Constantly complaining about wanting a new mobile phone, despite getting a new one every three months.
10. Being part of a gaggle of mallroaming schoolkids.
11. Listening to every ringtone on your phone on public transport.
12. Wearing different colored thongs in some sort of dumb fashion statement.
13. Having personalized number plates reading crap like "S1KBR0" or "PLE32A".
14. Not knowing how to use blinkers.
15. Idolizing Paris Hilton.
16. Leaving dirty spoons on the bench.
17. Riding a bicycle in the middle of the road.
18. Talking on the phone while driving.
19. Getting "their" and "they're", or "you're" and "your" mixed up.
20. Bragging about liking a certain band before they became popular.
21. Being under the age of 18 with a piercing. (not including girl's earrings)
22. Driving a 4WD anywhere but offroad.
23. Being a parking ranger and giving me a ticket.
24. Being obsessed with "Dancing with the Stars" or "Australian Idol" or "Big Brother".
25. Using the word "like" in every sentence.
26. Naming children with "character building" names like "Trinity", or "Freedom".
27. Talking during a movie.
28. Installing those ultra-bright/bluey headlights on a car.
29. Being the little spoon all the time and never the big spoon. (wth?)
30. Going right to the very end of a terminating lane and trying to push in.
31. Taking forever to get in the car and get going while at a petrol station with cars lined up waiting behind.
32. Using vegetarianism as a sort of moral platform with which to judge others.
33. Driving the speed limit.
34. Having those annoying message tones they sell on TV.
35. Dancing "the worm" and seriously thinking it's cool.
36. Listening to gangster rap.
37. Dressing up to go shopping.
38. Qualifying offensive statements with: "No offense, but..."
39. Driving slowly in the right-hand lane.
40. Chewing with your mouth open.
41. Making cashiers count $23 worth of shrapnel, forcing a dozen customers to wait.
42. Thinking Pink truly knows anything about politics.
43. Reading over others' shoulders.
44. Participating in chain emails.

45. Hotting up a hatchback, and thinking it's a racecar...it's a fucking hatchback! (...what?)
46. Naming children after American states.
47. Stealing parking spaces.
48. Using a circle to dot i's.
49. Complaining about offensive TV shows...JUST TURN IT OFF!
50. Starting a sentence with "Oh my God".
51. Being a passenger and changing the radio station or song without asking.
52. Actors on TV never saying goodbye before hanging up the phone...are there no manners in TV-land!?
53. Hanging in a turning lane with a green arrow, but intending to go straight, making other drivers wanting to turn wait until all lights turn green.
54. Snorting while laughing.
55. Getting lyrics wrong when singing along to a song.
56. Labeling others "conformists" while being a part of a highly conformist subculture. Emos I'm looking at you.
57. Having a nose ring.
58. Asking questions in a lecture...SAVE IT FOR CONSULTATION!
59. Living in the Sutherland Shire and thinking you invented wearing jeans with thongs.
60. Spitting on the ground.
61. Calling someone "babe".
62. Giving children normal names with intentionally bad spelling, eg "Anjeleina"
63. Owning a "handbag dog" and pampering it.
64. Bringing kids to a restaurant.
65. Having a Southern Cross tattoo and thinking it's original.
66. Not holding a door open for others.
67. Hanging a toilet paper roll back to front.
68. Putting milk back in the fridge with about 2 mililiters left in it.

69. Eating sushi in an attempt to be cosmopolitan.
70. Caring about the lives of celebrities.
71. Being a DJ and playing a sped up 80's pop song with a beat.
72. Mowing the lawn at 7 am.
73. Wearing sunglasses indoors.
74. Scraping cutlery together or on a plate when eating.
75. Consulting the dictionary every round of scrabble.
76. Attempting to parallel park when you have no hope of getting in.
77. Jumping the queue to the bar.
78. Taking seats from tables without asking.
79. Looking at the person next to you in the urinal.
80. Diving in soccer.
81. Shaving lines or lightning bolts on the side of your head.
82. Taking backyard cricket too seriously.
83. Being happy and chirpy before 10 am.
84. Using "thus" and "ergo" in everyday conversation.
85. Saying "darnce" instead of "dance", or "plarnt" instead of "plant".
86. Clapping at the end of a movie.
87. Photographing yourself pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
88. Wearing jeans at the beach.
89. Having a mullet and being proud of it.
90. Allowing your 300 kg Rottweiler to climb all over someone, saying, "they can smell fear."
91. Being over 15 and a fan of pro wrestling.
92. Dressing up pets thinking it's cute...it's not cute, it's animal cruelty.
93. Walking around with an orange fake tan, and thinking you look good.
94. Complaining about having to vote, then later complaining about the government.
95. Leaving a shopping trolley in the middle of a parking space.
96. Thinking that a little bit of rain requires high-beam headlights.
97. Calling everything by its brand name.
98. Double-dipping.
99. Wearing Ugg boots and a short skirt...kinda defeats the purpose.
100. Blasting 100 liters through the hose in order to remove a few leaves from the driveway.
101. Wasting people's times with a list of pet peeves.
1. Who are you? heather
2. Describe yourself with a seven-word sentence: no
3. Have you ever kissed a guy? not romantically
4. Have you ever kissed a girl? not romantically
5. How many bathrooms would your dream house have? hmm
6. The best drink to get wasted with? i don't drink
7. The stupidest thing you have ever done? uh
8. How do friends most often describe you? umm
9. Three most memorable moments of your life? hmm
10. Ever skipped school for no obvious reason? no
11. What do you look for in a friend? hmm
12. Are you a memory-keeper? yeah?
13. Is it okay to kiss a person who's involved? not romantically
14. Do you enjoy being photographed? hmm
15. Best thing about work? shelving books, etc
16. Have you ever received flowers from someone even if it wasn't a special occasion? fake ones
17. If you have siblings, what's the worst thing you've ever done while fighting? i dug my nails into his skin..
18. Do you believe you should lose weight? sure
19. Your best qualities? nice, etc
20. What brand was the first cigarette you smoked? i've never smoked
21. Have you ever gotten a love letter? no
22. Is it possible to be friends with the opposite sex? yeah
23. Best way to make HIM/HER do what you want? uh
24. Has the "wish-upon-a-star" made your wishes come true? have i ever wished on a star?
25. How many posters/pictures do you have on your walls? hmm
26. Who/what are on them? lotr, etc
27. Have you ever seen a pink elephant? no?
28. What's the best thing about traveling by train? hmm
29. How much older than you was the oldest guy you've kissed?
30. Same question with a girl?
31. about question 29.
32. about question 31 Who was she?
33. Who are the four most important persons in your life? mom, etc
34. Name the three best things about last year? hmm
35. Name the three worst things about last year? hmm
36. The coolest object in your room? hmm
37. Have you ever felt horny? uh
38. What languages can you speak? english fluently
39. The best Halloween/masquerade costume you've ever had? legolas?
40. Have you ever been handcuffed by someone other than the police? fake ones?
41. Best sport to watch live? hmm
42. Have you ever been dressed up to look like a member of the opposite sex? sure
43. Did you enjoy it? yeah
44. Favorite car color? hmm
45. Are you a jealous person? i can be
47. Ever feel like hitting your head against the wall? hmm
48. Ever hit your head against the wall? uh
49. What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you? something
50. Have you ever cried out of happiness? no?
51. What's reality? real
52. The best time for deep meaningful talks? uh
53. If you could be any fictional creature, what would you be? hmm
54. Do you own a mailing-list? no
55. Are you a part of any mailing-lists? yeah
56. Best sport team? uh
57. The best concert you've ever been to? trans-siberian orchestra, kamelot
58. Is it okay to show your feelings? sure?
59. Do you watch the commercials or go to the fridge? watch them
60. Best anime character? bleh
61. Have you ever lost a important person? yeah
62. Is kissing important? uh
63. If you had to be someone else for just one day, who would you want to be? hmm
64. What is the moment of your life you'd like to live again? hmm
65. Have you ever kissed for hours? no
66. What's the meaning of life? hmm
68. Who was your last, or current boyfriend/girlfriend? no one really
69. What are your favorite baby names? bleh
1*Who tows the tow trucks when they break down? umm..a tow truck?
2*Why don't they make bulletproof pants? if you get shot in the leg you wouldn't necessarily die..
3*When you're sending someone styrofoam, what do you pack it in? you wouldn't..?
4*If a word in the dictionary was spelled wrong how would we know? someone might point it out that knows how to spell it
5*Why are cigarettes sold at gas stations? uhhh
6*If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill herself, is it considered a hostage situation? uh
7*Why are the ABC's in that order? Is it all because of the song? *shrugs*
8*How many people thought of the Post-It note before it was invented but just didn't have anything to jot it down on? uh
9*If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why's it still #2? it's the lead that's #2
10*If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? men see it lol
11*If barbie's so popular why do you have to buy all her friends? cause
12*If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked? both?
13*If the Energizer Bunny attacks someone, is it charged with battery? no?
14*Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food? uh
15*Why is the word abbreviate so long? cause lol
16*How do they get a deer to cross at that yellow road sign? it's to warn people
17*Why do we wash bath towels? Aren't we clean when we use them? bacteria could grow on them
18*If nothing ever sticks to Teflon, how do they make Teflon stick to the pan? uh
19*Does anybody ever vanish with a trace? uhh
20*What's another word for synonym? same
21*If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? succeeded at failing
22*Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? hmm
23*Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing? cause
24*What did we do before the Law of Gravity was passed? ..it was passed?
25*When people lose weight, where does it go? uh
Where do you wish you lived? hmm..texas?
How do you feel about housework? ugh
If I were to give you $50 and you had to spend it NOW! what would you buy? cds, books? etc
which of the 5 senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch) would you give up if you had to choose one? smell or touch
drink of choice? lemonade, etc
one song that you cannot stand and run for the controls when ever it comes on? hmm
fav colour? black?
last book read? some of a star wars one
best book read? hmm
one thing that can quiet your soul? uh
would you rather be a 'social whore' or have a small but close posse? small posse?
do you ever have the dream where you're in public (shopping or whatever) and you're naked but you don't realize? no
can you live without a mobile phone? yeah?
your fondest memory of your childhood? hmm
have you ever been smitten? uh
was the smit* returned? uh
If you have a diary, how many are on your fav's list? 40 something
am I? no
what colour do you wear most often? black, etc
list 5 'celebrites' you'd like to invite (at the same time) to a dinner pary at your place. meh
"intimate dinner for two." you can choose anyone in the world. who? hmm
how does darkness make you feel? scared/nervous
name 3 things that would woo you? nice? etc
go out to movies, or rent a vid? both?
if you went on a road trip, where would you go? somewhere in alaska
do you secretly have a name that you call yourself that no one else knows? no?
how well do the voices in your head get along? eh
do you sometime look at strangers and make up a life story for them, just to pass time? eh
how do children rate with you on the tolerance scale? ugh
which super hero did you admire when you were a kid? uh
do you still secretly think that they are real somewhere in the world? eh
one thing that you've never told anyone? hmm
do you rather shoes or bare feet? what am i doing?
do you sample everything on the menu, or stick to what you know? sample but stick to what i know too
do you look for comfort in: one friend, to talk about it, many friends, to forget about it, or no one you'd rather be left to your concerns? mom
did you like this survey? hmm
1. The shirt I’m wearing is blue.
2. I use a sleep mask.
3. I deleted my myspace.
4. Because I use facebook more.
5. Speaking of facebook, I hate the new layout.
6. Thank God you can still go back to the old one.
7. I love microwaveable rice!
8. I CANNOT cook.
9. I like the song “paper planes.”
10. No it’s really annoying…
11. I need to get a new computer screen.
12. I really need to go shopping for jeans.
13. I’m saving up for one of those cameras with the big ass lenses.
14. The last thing I baked was brownies.
15. I love watching the Olympics.
16. I’ll throw up if I see blood.
17. The sims is way too addicting.
18. I’ve had a sim have twins before.
19. I love buying new journals.
20. But I never seem to use them.
21. Straight across bangs are gross.
22. I have those.
23. I love quirkiness.
24. I ALWAYS spill something when I eat/drink.
25. I’ve had a paper route before.
26. I’m a taurus.
27. Nah I’m a virgo.
28. I don’t believe in astrology anyway. (umm..)
29. But it's still fun to check your horoscope.
30. Which I do daily.
31. I own that red leopard chi straighter.
32. No, but I want it!
33. I love chilling outside and taking pictures.
34. I hate people who constantly blog about getting drunk and doing drugs.
35. Do not want.

36. The last magazine I purchased was cosmopolitan.
37. I love summer storms.
38. I really want a guinea pig.
39. When I’m bored on the computer I take quizzes.
40. I hate when the internet cuts out.
41. I have a sibling under the age of 6.
42. My hair is short and blonde.
43. Nah, my hair is actually really long.
44. Foot loops are my favorite kind of cereal.
45. I love carrots.
46. I love watching veronica mars.
47. Never seen it…
48. I don’t think I could ever cut off my long hair. (umm..)
49. I’m probably signed up to more than 10 different sites.
50. I have 5+ ringtones.

51. I think ringtones are pointless.
52. I desperately need a haircut.
53. I love coldplay.
54. I have a craving for brownies.
55. Demi lovato is FUG.
56. I watch and like the Miley and Mandy show on youtube.
57. I find it extremely annoying.
58. And loud.
59. I own a shirt from the gap.
60. But I never wear it anyway.
61. I own a diffuser.
62. And it smells like lavender.
63. Lavender scents make me want to puke.
64. I hate the sound of when a bug comes really close to my ear and I can hear it buzzing.
65. I go to my favorite restaurant so much they probably recognize me.
66. I’ve made icons before. (like one lol)
67. And failed.
68. People overuse the peace sign.
69. Don't you wish that you could be a fly on the wall?
70. I can honestly say you’ve been on my mind since I woke up today.
71. K…
72. Enough Miley.
73. I’ve been given a promise ring.
74. I never mix different kind of slurpees together. (i don't drink slurpees)
75. I love peach schnapps!
76. My phone can only have polyphonic ringtones.
77. My fridge has an ice machine. (the one in texas does)
78. I don’t recycle anything.
79. I have a necklace from h&m.
80. I don’t think the jonas brothers are attractive…at all… (lol honestly..i have thought they were)
81. The last cup I used was orange.
82. My mom collects sun catchers.
83. My family buys all of our groceries from Costco.
84. Its amusing how big the carts are there.
85. My hair is wet or damp.
86. Someone in my family knows I do surveys.

87. And they think I’m really weird. (umm..)
88. My name starts with a J.
89. My house has a balcony. (the one in texas does)
90. I’ve played the game bookworm before.
91. I still take pencils from my dentist every time I go.
92. I’ve been waking up earlier lately.
93. I’ve already started school.
94. I haven’t worn a hoodie all summer.
95. I hate when I type my name on word and it says it’s misspelled.
96. Bic is my favorite brand of pens.
97. The last movie I saw in theaters was Mamma Mia.
98. My cell phone is open right now.
99. I like using crayons over pencil crayons. (uh..)
100. I’m getting off the computer now.
1. Have you ever been to North Dakota? no
2. Do you want to see the movie 'The House Bunny'? *looks it up* EWWWW HECK NO!!
3. How many bars of battery do you currently have on your cell phone? 4
4. What color was the last bra you bought? white, etc
5. Would you rather shop at Aeropostale or Hot Topic? hot topic
6. Does anyone know the password to your email address? no?
7. What's a color you never wear, if there is one? eh
8. Where do you buy your shoes? sketchers
9. How much was your last cell phone bill? uh
10. Have you ever done yoga? no
11. Does your car, or your parent's car have a navigational system? no
12. Do you 'fake-bake'? no
13. Have you ever dated someone in a band? no
14. Do you ever wear hats? eh
15. Do you want any tattoos? If so, where? hmm
16. Have you ever went water skiing, knee-boarding, or tubing? tubing
17. When's the last time you wore a dress? last year
18. If you are on messenger right now, how many people are online? one
19. Do you wear sunglasses while driving? i don't drive
20. Are any of your friends lifeguards? no
21. When's the last time it rained? 2 days ago?
22. Which one of your friends is best at Guitar Hero? uh
23. Do you shut off your computer at night? yeah
23. What woke you up yesterday morning? myself, mom
24. Have you ever had to go to the school nurse? yeah
25. What's the worst abuse you've done to your phone? dropped it?
26. What ever happened with you and your first boyfriend? haven't really had one
27. Have you seen your best friend's mom in her underwear? no
28. How many fans are in your house? 3?
29. Do little kids annoy you? sure
30. How many funerals have you been to? one
31. How old do you think you'll be when you have your first child, if you have any?
32. Who do you think will be the next person to call you? nina?
33. Do you tend to type with proper punctuation? not necessarily
34. When do you plan on moving out of your parent's house? hmm
35. Are you a risk taker? i can be
36. What's your favorite Bath & Body Work's scent, if you shop there? hmm
37. Have you ever had acne? yeah
38. What's the last thing you baked? uh
39. What does the 4th text message in your inbox say, and who's it from? none
40. How many people have you kissed with the letter 'A' as the first letter in their name? none
41. What's your favorite song at the moment? hmm
42. Do you always wear a belt? no
43. If you have siblings, who do you think will be married first, you or them? one of them is already married
44. Do you think anyone out there loves you? sure
45. Do you go to church? no
46. Can you run a mile? riiight
47. How badly do you need money? not badly?
48. Do you use an alarm clock? no
49. Have you ever shopped at 'Deb'? deb's? i went there with caitlin once
50. What's your favorite thing about your boyfriend/crush?
If a stranger told you that you were beautiful would you believe them? hmm
Do you believe in love at first sight? eh
Do you get cranky when you're hungry? eh
What eye color on the opposite sex do you like the most? uh
Where will you be tomorrow at this time? here?
Do you prefer plastic or glass drinking cups? glass?
When was the last time you wore black pants? now
How easily are you pressured? easy
Would you eat a plate full of crickets for 500 bucks? hmm
When was the last time you slept in your underwear? uh
What do you think you'll look like when you're 50? hmm
What age do you consider old? 90?
Do you eat ice cubes? eh
Do you prefer cubed or crushed ice? cubed?
If you had wings where would you go? places
What kind of mood do you wake up in? ok?
Is there anyone on your friend list that you dislike? hmm
Do you hope your children are like you one day? WHAT CHILDREN? grr
What do you use your hands for the most? going on the computer lol
If you entered a drinking contest do you think you could win? uh
What's the best thing to do during a snow storm? hmm
What the best thing to do during a thunderstorm? watch it?
Do you have a foul mouth? eh
What figure of speech do you hate? hmm
What was the last movie you watched? the english patient
Could you survive boot camp? yeah right
Do you know anyone named Roc co? no
Do you giggle a lot? laugh
Do you own anything with flames on it? umm no?
Have you ever ripped the wires out of your computer? no
Do you think you're attractive? i can
Can you swear in other languages? eh
Do you like sour candy? hmm
Have you ever kicked a dog? no?
Have you ever forwarded an email message to someone it wasn't intended for? no
How much money do you have on you right now? do my debit cards count?
Can I borrow 20 bucks? eh
Do you flip coins? no
Do you say BOOOO YEAH? no
Do you smoke anything? no
Who invited you over to their home for dinner last? uh
Do you like red or white wine? haven't had either
Can you burp loud? hmm
Do you know anyone who self harms themselves? umm
What age is grown up? uh
Have you ever worn men's cologne? uhh
Have you ever scared a child? uh
Has anyone ever told you that you were self centered? uh
What about conceited? no
When you walk past glass objects do you check yourself out in them? not necessarily
La-DE-FRIGGIN-DA-BLAHHHH what do you think about that? tmesis ;)
1. Do you like your name? hmm
2. If you could change your name what would you change it to? meh
3. What is your age? 19
4. What kind of mood are you in? ok
5. What did you have to eat today? see other survey
6. What time did you go to bed last night? 12 something?
7. What is one thing you wish you had more of in your life? hmm
8. Are you a photogenic person? hmm
9. What were the last words you spoke? uh
10. Who is the most important person in your life? mom?
11. If you had to cook for 10 people what would you make? uh
12. Do you burn food? i have
13. What do you put salt on? eh
14. Where was the last picture you uploaded taken? creamer's field
15. What do you think of the color orange? hmm
16. What's on your agenda for the weekend? going online, laundry, etc
17. Favorite non alcoholic drink? sobe, lemonade, etc
18. Favorite alcoholic drink? i don't drink
19. If your hands are shaking what's the reason? they're not
20. Who did you sleep in bed with last night? no one
21. Do you have any toys from your childhood? yeah
22. Have you ever had to give a eulogy? no
23. Does anyone famous share your first name? yeah
24. What about your last name? uh
25. Have you ever drank carrot juice? no
26. If you were on fear factor do you think you could win? hmm
27. What kind of pets do you have? 3 cats
28. How many hours a day do you work? 4
29. When was your last date? never
30. What does your living room look like? a living room
31. Would you ever put plastic on your furniture? hmm
32. What do you like the most about your bedroom? hmm
33. Where is your mother right now? on a chair in this room
34. Who calls you the most? dad?
35. What is your biggest fear in life? hmm
36. When was the last time you wore heels? uh
37. Are you wishing for rain today? lol i wanted a storm
38. Do you ever imagine what it would be like being famous? umm
39. Do you usually win when you get in verbal fights? hmm
40. What about physical fights? hmm
41. Do you think people are intimidated by you? uh
42. Would you like for people to fear you? meh
43. Are you unpredictable? uh
44. Do you like rap music? bleh
45. What is a song you hate? hmm
46. Do you drink out of water fountains? if necessary
47. Tap water or bottled water? bottled water
48. Does your heart belong to anyone? meee
49. Can you dance? meh
50. What should you really be doing right now? uh
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