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Does any part of your body hurt right now?
Behind my ear. I think my glasses are a bit tight.
Someone removes you from their Facebook friends and then tries to add you again … Do you ignore them, or accept?
What does the last message in your Facebook inbox concern?
A festival my best friend is going to.
Have you met anyone new recently?
What does your last text message from the opposite sex say?
"Macho Man Randy Savage."
Could you have a relationship someone your friends didn’t like?
Who is your closest friend of the opposite sex? What’s the best thing about him?
Tyler, Needles. Tyler - his creativity. Needles - his passion.
What does the most romantic message in your inbox say?
Something along the lines of, "I'll always love you" or some such nonsense Drew always says when he's discovered he's pushed me too far away.
Have your friends ever tried to set you up with someone? What happened?
How many likes or comments did your last Facebook status get?
26 reactions, 6 comments.
Is it just me, or do you tend to get really nervous and paranoid whenever someone says, ‘I need to talk to you’?
I think everyone does, honestly.
When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?
Last night.
When was the last time you really wanted to tell someone something, but felt that you couldn’t?
Last night.
What’s the problem with you and the person you like?
Has your best friend ever done anything to embarrass you?
Some of them.
It’s a rubbish feeling when there’s something bothering you and you don’t feel you can talk about it … when was the last time you felt like that?
Did we not... just... whatever, last night.
Do you remember who you had feelings for in February 2009?
I was dating Matt, but I was still in love with Drew.
Do you think it’s best to always tell the truth, even if it could mean that someone gets hurt?
Not always.
What does your current bubble bath or shower gel smell like?
Almond & honey.
How did you meet the person you fell hardest for?
High school.
How long was your last phone call?
Like, fifteen minutes or so.
Out of all your friends, who is the funniest?
Kelsi, Tyler, Needles.
And which friend are you most likely to go to if you need a shoulder to cry on?
Share three memories that make you smile or laugh … anything you like.
I dunno.
Who was the last person you got into an argument with?
Do any of your relatives embarrass you?
Their existence embarrasses me.
Have you told a lie in the past 3 days?
What was the last alcoholic drink you had?
Either whiskey or beer.
What would you say if your best friend came to you and said she was pregnant?
When was the last time you went to McDonald’s?
It's been a few months, probably.
What did you last take medication for?
Are you craving anything atm?
Not really.
When was the last time you felt awkward?
My whole life.
Would you ever date a friend’s ex?
I have.
Where was the last place you went out to eat?
Taco Bell.
Who is the most attractive person of the opposite sex that you know?
How old is your best friend’s ex?
Too damn old to be acting the way he does.
How long do you feel you need to get to know someone, before you would consider having a relationship with them?
Quite a bit.
What was your favourite thing about the person you fell hardest for?
His sense of humor.
List 3 celebrities you find attractive:
Josh Hartnett, Donald Glover, Kerry Washington.
What are your plans for the weekend?
Apparently the kiddos are going to their Grammy's house on Saturday and seeing a movie with Drew on Sunday, so I have no idea lol.
1. What event did you last dress up for? Who went to that event?
Girls' Night Out. Me, Krystle, Kelsi & Taryn.
2. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
A selfie, I'm sure.
3. Are you a fashion-conscious person? Where do you buy most of your clothes?
To a point. Target.
4. Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? What gets you up and awake?
Yessss. My kiddos, my alarm, coffee, cigarettes.
5. What’s something fun you’ve done this week? Who was there?
Went to Botanic Gardens with my kiddos, Kelsi and her kiddos.
6. What’s the last thing you texted someone about?
A meme.
7. When and why did you last blush?
I don't even remember.
8. Do you currently have a favorite song? What is it?
Shaba by ASAP Ferg.
9. What is one thing you and your best friend have in common physically?
Big boobs.
10. Now based on your interests, what is one thing you both have in common?
We love musicals.
11. What, if anything, is hanging on your refrigerator?
Drawings from my kids, stuff from Andy's school.
12. What is the last illegal thing you did, even the smallest crime?
Drive without a license.
13. How much did each individual thing you’re wearing cost?
JeanS $30, shirt, #13, bra $70, undies $5.
14. Is that the normal amount you spend on clothes?
15. Do you collect anything? Have you ever?
16. What languages do you speak?
Just English.
17. Where do your grandparents live?
They don't.
18. When is the next time you’re going on vacation? Where to?
Beginning of March, Alabama.
19. How well do you do in school? How are your grades compared to your siblings?
20. Does your family eat dinner together? Who does the cooking?
Yes. Me.
21. Are you usually motivated to work or are you a procrastinator?
Super procrastinator.
22. Has the last month been really stressful for you?
23. What do you base first impressions on? (Behavior, clothing, etc.)
Behavior, style, how one carries themselves.
24. Who do you know that is a vegetarian? How about a vegan?
Jessica, Candi, Abra.
25. When is the last time you went out to dinner with a friend? Where did you go? Who paid?
Saturday. Chipotle. Kelsi.
did you pay attention to anything you were being taught in health class?
what are your feelings regarding shopping?
I like it, unless it's groceries.
do you think people have any misconceptions about you?
have you ever worn fishnets?
do you go somewhere to get your eyebrows done?
do you believe prayer really works?
do you have one best friend who is always there for you
describe one of your most emotional farewells.
have you ever been tied up?
how many times have you been cussed out?
A whooooole bunch.
does it bother you when people ask personal questions?
do you know anyone who’s been in jail?
Yes, and prison.
have you ever considered acupuncture?
Not seriously.
have you ever watched the same sex undress?
have you ever seen the last person you kissed cry?
have you ever seen your mom or dad drunk?
Mom, yes. My dad has never been drunk.
do you enjoy mario games?
Those games are assholes lol
do you think that necessities should be free? (ex. food, toilet paper)
It'd be nice.
does it bother you when dogs lick you?
do you feed your pets human food?
which is worse: being sexist or racist?
Are. You. Fucking. Serious.
do you think suicide is selfish?
I think it's selfish to guilt trip someone who is obviously already having a hard time.
would you take a dirty picture of yourself for someone you are dating?
I have.
what are the most embarrassing songs in your itunes library?
how picky are you when it comes to choosing who to kiss or not kiss?
A little picky.
do you feel that having sex anywhere but a bed is more exciting?
in your opinion, is it ever okay to get back with an ex?
A relit cigarette never tastes the same.
what’s the first animal you go to see at the zoo?
The one closest...
what’s the strangest or rarest creature you’ve seen at a zoo?
what animal is at a zoo that really, in your opinion, shouldn’t be?
Well, I mean, honestly, none of them SHOULD be in a zoo.
do you like zoos or aren’t you bothered?
i offer you a cigarette, you say…
why do you think you were put on this earth?
Because my parents did the deed.
is it ever okay to hit a child? when is this?
A swat on the butt is fine.
do you think violence in video/computer games influences the nation also?
Not as much as they say it does.
are you in any shape or form, racist?
are you in any shape or form, sexist?
how do you think the world will end?
what natural phenomenon do you find the most beautiful
would you kill someone who killed a child? how about YOUR child?
what is your favorite cover of a song?
Tainted Love by Soft Cel
have you ever been in love with someone who was fatally ill?
have you ever received or given a make-over?
do you know anyone who is HIV+?
Not that I'm aware of.
have you ever been to a desert?
do you know any trans* people?
what is your favorite beatles song?
Yesterday, Revolution, When I'm 64.
what is the poorest you have ever been?
On what scale? I don't know.
i’m sure you know of the gamer fad on youtube. who’s your favorite?
is there something written on your shirt right now?
No, just a picture of Biggie.
what is your favorite song to play on guitar hero or rock band?
When You Were Young - The Killers, anything by Dragonforce.
where do you find the surveys you take?
what’s one weird/annoying thing your pet(s) tend to do?
what’s your favorite song by your favorite artist?
The Wind Cries Mary, Crosstown Traffic, Dolly Dagger.
do you have an “original character?”
what about a persona/fursona?
do you ever MAKE your own surveys?
why’s it the woman who have to give birth anyway if the man is physically stronger in most cases?
...Because that's how human biology works?? You don't get to choose, what
do you get good internet where you live?
Internet connection? Yes.
ever had a cavity? how many?
Lots when I was younger.
ever broken a tooth?
what did you do on the playground at your school as a child? went on the swings, etc
are you into comics?
did you ever have computer disc games you played as a kid?
what do you think of people who have therapists?
I don't?
do you have any of those adult coloring books?
ever ridden an elephant?
deserts: dreary or beautiful?
ever seen a panda?
At a zoo, yeah.
what kind a camera do you have?
Just my phone.
do you have stretch marks? where? don’t be shy, they’re tiger stripes!
I'm a mom, so...
lobsters: cool or scary?
opossums: total vermin or cute?
I used to actually kind of like one UNTIL I FOUND ONE IN MY CAR.
what tv channel dominated your childhood?
UPN. I didn't have cable.
ever actually seen a snake in the wild?
have you ever had a PET snake? what kind?
No, but my uncle had two.
ever had an encounter with a snapping turtle? they’re scary!
do you like oatmeal?
I guess so.
wherever you live, have you ever seen your national bird?
Not in person.
ever had a reptile as a pet that you had to feed crickets?
ever play hearthstone?
Nope. Sure tired of just yes/no questions.
ever gone hunting? biggest thing you’ve ever shot?
how about fishing? biggest thing you’ve ever caught?
Yes, some small whatever.
coolest place you’ve ever been fishing?
I only went fishing once at some campsite and I hated it.
which is cooler: african or asian elephant?
I don't have a preference.
craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?
what’s in a camel’s back?
steve irwin: foolish for messing around with animals or brave for teaching us?
Brave and amazing.
what do you think of people who put their whole life on social media?
I like it because I'm nosy lol
don’t you think it’s a bit deceptive to wear a push-up bra?
Fuck off.
do you truly believe we came from chimps?
Holy. Fuck. The stupidity of this survey.
well, what do you think of extra bones and even organs in our bodies? why do we have them?
So you just don't know what evolution is. K.
if you could choose anyone to be your father, who would it be?
I absolutely love my father.
weirdest video game you’ve ever played?
we’re having a pig-pickin’! whatcha eating?
Uhm, pig?
ever been on a scary hay ride?
ever been to a castle?
Not a real one.
what’s your favorite kind of penguin?
Those rock ones with the eyebrows.
whales. should they be allowed in sea world?
I don't think so. Not with the way they treat them.
ever seen an albino? whether it be human or animal?
Just animals, if we're talking in person.
what do you think of the song “miss jackson” by panic! at the disco?
It's pretty good. Reaaaaaally like the video.
what is the wallpaper on your best friend's cell phone?
Her lock screen is "I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good" but I don't remember her wallpaper.
do you feel comfortable singing in front of others?
Not in a performance way.
do you like using big words when you talk?
I just use them when they're applicable. I don't force it.
do you EVER use caps lock?
are you loud when you’re having sex?
have you ever wanted to drop out of school?
Not really.
when was the last time you watched south park?
It's been a while.
are you italian?
are you interested in photography at all?
In an appreciation way.
any survey takers that annoy you on tumblr?
do you like bob marley?
I have no real feelings toward him.
can you talk to your parents about anything without them judging or bickering at you?
I wouldn't say ANYTHING.
are you interested in art?
don’t you think we’re spending too much money on exploring the mere theory of climate change?
everyone always wants to know your favorite animal. what’s your SECOND favorite?
who’s your favorite disney character?
Tiana, Mulan, Shadow Man, pretty much any villain.
have you ever taken the eharmony personality quiz?
do you take vitamins? if so, what kinds?
how much was your prom dress? what’s the most you’d spend?
It was $10 from the thrift store and I got tooooons of compliments on it.
would you marry someone of a different religion?
Only if they were respectful of my opinions.
how did you learn the word “fuck”?
From hearing it a lot lol
if you could make one of your enemies your best friend, who would it be?
...What would be the point of that.
what is the last movie you saw in theaters?
LaLa Land.
have you ever got into a wreck?
Gotten* Yes.
do you think you are an argumentative person?
Very much so.
can you admit when you’re wrong?
are you easily confused?
do you think you would make a good wife/husband?
lol Probably not.
have you ever caught a butterfly?
have you ever deliberately tried to get someone drunk?
In a fun way, not a creepy sneaky way lol
do you like being kissed on the neck?
favorite song by the band the offspring?
Hit That.
how many times each morning do you press the snooze button?
I try not to, most of the time I dismiss and fall asleep again lol
when you go out to eat, what sides do your order with your food?
Usually some form of potato.
what video game or computer game are you best at?
Fable, Tetris, 3Xtreme
how do you normally come across new music?
Pandora, friends.
what subject in school do you feel is the least necessary?
There's a lot.
do you enjoy power outages or do you get annoyed?
They're annoying.
are you pretty politically correct?
I try to be.
have you ever behaved like a stalker?
Just a Facebook one lol
do you appreciate other people’s opinions?
If they're not racist/sexist/etc.
if you could pick your own pet name, what would it be?
That's not how pet names work.
do you care what’s going on in the world?
Of course I do.
how many partners is too many?
do you examine the tissue after you blow your nose?
Yes lol
do you prefer boys to shave down there?
It's nice, but not necessary.
how much does your mother know about your sex life (or lack thereof)?
She obviously knows I have sex, since I have kiddos.
are any of your siblings married? what are their spouse’s names?
Yes. My brother-in-law's name is Heath.
have you ever had a pet bird?
No, but my dad did.
how many times have you moved in your lifetime?
A handful.
if you could get one piercing and one tattoo, where would you want them?
Lip & the next tattoo is Spider-Man.
would you consider yourself to be adventurous?
has any part of your house ever been flooded?
Not my current one, but yes.
is there anyone that you’re worried about right now? who and why?
My kids. Because that's what moms do.
if you won a lot of money, would you donate any of it? to what organization would you donate it?
Yes. Something about kids. Probably St. Jude's.
describe the best friend you’ve ever had, or the best person you’ve ever known.
Aside from my kids (bc that's two). Kelsi is hilarious and understanding and helpful and never expects anything in return for all her kindness. She loves my kids like her own.
have you ever adopted a stray animal?
what time did you wake up this morning?
ever wonder if you’re someone’s everything?
would you ever bleach your hair platinum blonde?
Only to put another color on it. I'm a terrible blonde.
what is your mom’s middle name?
do you know the color of your ex boyfriend/girlfriend’s eyes?
have you had your wisdom teeth out?
your appendix?
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