Heather (glacier_kitty) wrote in surveys,

If you were given a plane ticket for free right now to Florida, what part would you go to/what would you do? i'd probably visit my grandpa..
Do you prefer nail polish with sparkles in it, or matte colors? matte maybe
Are you the kind of person who makes a lot of lists? What kind? somewhat
When you get upset, do you prefer to go to friends for support or to be left alone? Do you wallow or do you continue on with life? depends
Would you rather have the ability to speed up time, freeze time, or go back in time? go back in time
Have you ever had a teacher you got really close with? yeah
What are three things you wish you could go back and tell yourself 2 years ago? don't wait to get help, for one
Which type of pattern/print is your favorite to wear? stripes, etc
What chain restaurant (Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays, Outback, etc..) is your favorite? olive garden, etc
What do you generally use Youtube for (music, specific types of videos)? game walkthroughs, etc
In the summer, what type of shoes do you typically wear? tennis shoes
Would you rather get a new pair of heels or new running shoes/sneakers? sneakers
Do you think plastic jewelry is cute or tacky or neither? depends
In the summer, would you rather have ice cream, water ice, or freeze pops? ice cream
Can you actually picture yourself getting married/having kids, or is that something that seems too distant in the future to imagine? yeah, it seems hard to picture for me..
Have you ever tailgated? Would you want to? no
What was the last thing to really really frustrate you? i'm just tired of practicing spelling words since a spelling bee is coming up..my brain hurts LOL
Is there some part of your personality that is generally thought of as a negative trait, but that you actually like/don’t mind about yourself? *shrugs*
When’s the last time you spent time with your cousins? last year
What kind of lip balm do you use? burt's bees
Are you frustrated with anything? see a few questions above lol
Why did you fall for the last person romantically? cause he's amazing LOL
What’s your younger sibling’s name? ryan
Can you speak in a different language conversationally; if so, which language? very little spanish
Do you ever fear of falling asleep? sure
Do you have an idea of what kind of profession you’d like to have? suree
What’s the last thing you had to eat? ice cream
Would you rather eat all day or exercise all day? eat all day LOL
Which countries have you traveled to? england, spain, france, monaco, italy, the vatican, switzerland..and canada if the inside passage counts
Which beach would you say is your favorite? ones in california maybe..
When’s your birthday? june 8
What kind of cookie is your favorite? chocolate chip
What is it that you really want right now? to have the spelling bee over with lol
Do you write? eh
Is there a map hanging in your room? a cartoon one of fairbanks..
Have you ever gone to see a movie past 9:00 PM? yeah
Do you ever pick up your house phone? yeah
Would you say you’re a nice person? yeah
Would you rather hold hands or link arms with your significant other? i'm single
Have you ever had a churro? mmm yes
Truth be told, are you more into looks or personalities the most? personalities
How is/was your chemistry class in high school? alright
What’s your zodiac sign? gemini
Would you rather eat rice or bread? both lol
1. When was the last time you played Chinese Checkers? years ago
2. If you could afford designer brands like Chanel would you buy them? probably not
3. What was the last hypocritical thing you did/said? *shrugs*
4. What helps you fall asleep at night? white noise, melatonin, etc
5. How many movies has your favorite actor/actress been in? a bunch
6. What was the last deep conversation you had about? *shrugs*
7. What’s the worst trouble you’ve gotten into? *shrugs*
8. Why do some girls become so dependent on their boyfriend/husband? they want to be taken care of?
9. Do you enjoy going to church? eh
10. How many people do you know with two different colored eyes? none
11. In what situations would you NOT give someone a second chance? hurting someone i love, etc
12. Have you ever had a specially decorated cake (like the kind they make on ace of cakes, but less extravagant)? yeah
13. Who is your favorite character on Family Guy? meh
14. Did you lose your virginity to someone you were in love with? i'm still a virgin
15. Why did your last relationship fail? i've never really been in one
16. What do you have tattoos of/what do you want tattoos of? i have two cat paw prints on my right arm; mountains, trees and the northern lights on my left arm; and "meow" with a cat face on my right ankle
17. Are most of the adults you know married or divorced? both?
18. How many times have you seen your favorite movie? a bunch
19. When was the last time you took a shower with someone else? *shrugs*
20. What’s the scariest thing that’s happened to you? choking when i was alone, etc
21. Would you ever date someone shorter than you? maybe
22. Two door car or four door car? four door car
23. Do you turn your phone off when you go to sleep? no
24. Have you ever been to a party like one of those on Super Sweet 16? i've never watched that, but probably not
25. Do your parents ever complain about you staying up so late? dad teases me about it lol
26. Do you read science fiction books? not much anymore..
27. Have you ever had surgery that involved staples? no
28. What is your house number? 204
29. Have any of your friends gone to jail? maybe
30. Remember that movie Tower of Terror? i never saw it
31. Wasn’t Neil Patrick Harris funny on SNL this weekend? i didn't watch it
32. When was the last time you were mistaken for a mom? *shrugs*
33. Do you prefer cold coffee or hot coffee? i don't drink coffee
34. Where do you buy most of your clothes? fred meyer, etc
35. Do you have to go to school on days that you don’t have exams? i'm not in school
Have you ever left your front door unlocked all night? probably
Do you prefer cold or warm weather? warm, but not TOO warm
The last advertisement you saw: What was it advertising? *shrugs*
Do you prefer bar or liquid soap? liquid
Do you wear any perfumes/colognes on a regular basis? no
Do you have high or low self esteem levels? in between
When was the last time you listened to a song on repeat? What was the song? recently
How do you feel about being in the house alone? it can be nice lol
What was the last compliment you received? *shrugs*
Do you like mint or orange flavoured chocolate? mint can be ok
How often do you get spots? often
Do you believe that when your ears burn someone is talking about you? no
Are you a good host when visitors come over or do you wish they’d leave? i'm not always sure what to do haha
When was the last time you burnt your mouth from eating something too hot? recently
What is your favourite foreign language to listen to? (In music or speech) latin, etc
Who is the prettiest person you’ve ever met? kathryn, etc
Do you prefer instrumental songs or ones with lyrics? both can be cool
What is your favourite arcade game? *shrugs*
Name something simple that makes you happy: reading in bed
What is your favourite instrument to listen to? electric guitars, etc
Pick one: Books, movies or music? books
Do you carry a bag around with you often? What does it look like? yeah, a black backpack
Do you like your natural hair colour? sure
Do you delete your emails/texts often? emails yeah
What was the last book you read about? the mystery of what happened to the missing franklin expedition in the 1840s
What colour are the walls in the room you’re in? white
Did you dress up last Halloween? As what? no
Do you have any old friends who you still kinda speak to but it’s awkward? maybe
Name one of your favourite memories: seeing the eiger in switzerland
Are you a polite person? maybe
When was the last time you used a quote from a movie in real life? today kinda lol
Have you ever used a chat-up line that actually worked? no
Can you put your legs behind your head? no
Do you forget things easily? i can
The last song you listened to: Did it have a male or female vocalist? male
Is the heating on in your house currently? no
Do you often find toothpaste too minty? not necessarily
Have you ever had braces? Do you need them? yeah
Are you a subscriber to any magazines? Which? no
What does your voice sound like? (Loud, quiet, high pitched, etc) quiet, deep
You haven't created a survey in ages.
You're in your 30s.
People mistake you for being younger than you biologically are.
You work in the retail industry.

Your main job position revolves around fashion or apparel.
You're employed by a major company.
You don't drive.
Your birthday is in January.
Your favorite season is autumn.
You're from the Northeastern US.
You enjoy the winter, but only when there's snowfall...
....otherwise, you despise it.

You're in love with your male best friend.
You live alone.
You don't own any pets.
You live in a different region than where you were primarily raised.
You abide by special a diet (e.g. gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc)
You live in a rural area/small town.
You're originally from a large city.
You have at least one birth defect.
You have a bodily piercing somewhere other than your earlobes.
You've dyed your hair a funky color before.
You have a Facebook account.
You have an Instagram account.
You have a Snapchat account.
You use G-mail.
You're extremely people-oriented.
You live in a condominium.
You love to exercise and do it daily.
You have green eyes.
You don't like the color pink.
You love the color turquoise
, black and some shades of red.
You own tons of jewelry.
You love to wear hats.
You own at least 2 pairs of sunglasses.
You own something that's animal print.

You own something that's camouflage print.
You like wearing flannel/plaid.
You wear a required uniform to work.
You want to pursue a career in the health field.
You currently have medium-length hair.
You don't have cable TV.
You normally shower at night time.
You're addicted to caffeine.
You hate Vee-Day only because you don't have a man to celebrate it with.
Five Things You Are Addicted To
1. surveys
2. reading
3. candy crush
4. food
5. pokemon go LOL

Five Places You Want To Visit Before You Die
1. antarctica
2. iceland
3. new zealand
4. glacier bay
5. norway

Five Movies You Absolutely Loved
1. lotr: rotk
2. interstellar
3. twister
4. cutthroat island
5. mulan

Five Movies That Absolutely Sucked
1. gravity
2. pirates of ghost island
3. epic movie
4. not another teen movie
5. shrek 3

Five People You Want To Punch In The Face
1. nah

Five Things That You Find Extremely Disgusting
1. puke
2. donald trump
3. peanut butter
4. cazu marzu
5. chewing tobacco

Five Fashion Styles You Hate
1. preppy
2. ones that just don't look good on you..

Five Things You Would Get If You Won The Lottery
1. the first edition of the worst journey in the world
2. the south polar times vol. 3
3. vacations
4. clothes
5. books

Five Things That Always Cheer You Up
1. cherry
2. going out to eat
3. reading
4. having something to look forward to
5. friends and family

Five Things You Use Everyday
1. watch
2. glasses
3. clothes
4. toothbrush
5. the toilet lol

Five Things You Love To Drink
1. lemonade
2. strawberry smoothies
3. apple juice
4. vitamin water
5. sobe

Five Songs You Love Right Now
1. "ghost river"-nightwish
2. "smells like teen spirit"-nirvana
3. "shout"-tears for fears
4. "shudder before the beautiful"-nightwish
5. "riders on the storm"-the doors
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